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Multifunction Toy Color Hoop For Kids : Weighted Adjustable Hoop Not Only Can Be Used As A Kids Toy For Playing, But Also As An Dog Agility Equipment For Pet Training.Our Adjustable Kid Sport Hoop Can Be Used As Easter Wreath. The Texture On The Tube Makes The Toy Ring Look Unique. Play In Outside On The Lawn Of Your Backyard, In The Gym, On The Playground..
High Quality: Our Kid Sport Hoop For Children Are Made Of High-Quality Plastic.The Dog Training Hoop Is Perfect For Kids Of All Ages! Adults Can Hardly Resist Giving One A Twirl With Their Kids.Ideal Choice For Beginners And Kids.Great For Party Favors Or Giveaways.Loads Of Fun!Great For Summer Activity !.
Adjustable Weight: The Adjustable Hoop Plastic Toys Of The Adjustable Hoop Is Hollow,So If You Need To Increase Its Weight, You Can Add Sand Or Stuffing To Adjust The Weight Of The Kid Sport Hoop Bulk .Of Course, You Can’t Add To Much Weight Too Exceed The Load Of The Kid Sport Hoop, Otherwise The Adjustable Hoops Are Very Easy To Fall Apart, In Addition,The Ends Of Each Kid Sport Hoop Piece Are Not Open,If You Add The Sands, It Can Ensure Uniform Force..
Easy To Assemble & Adjustable Size: The Adjustable Hoop ‘S Sections Are Very Easy To Snap Together And Take Apart.Easy To Store, Save Space. According To Your Mind,You Can Arbitrarily Assembled As Small,Medium. It Is Recommended To Adjust To 7 Sections(23″/0.28Lb) And 8 Sections (26″/0.33Lb).This Kid Sport Hoop Set Can Be Adjusted Differently According To The Child’s Size..


INTERESTING GAME !- Kids Sport Hoop: 4 pack adjustable hoop comes with 32 detachable sections in 4 bright colors Rose Red,Green,Blue,Yellow).Easy storage and Assembly.Lightweight and fun colorful design.Perfect for all kinds of parties or events. It can bring a lot of joy to you and your friends.EASY to ASSEMBLE & ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The adjustable hoop ‘s sections are very easy to snap together and take apart.Easy to store, save space. According to your mind,you can arbitrarily assembled as small,medium. It is recommended to adjust to 7 sections(23/0.28lb) and 8 sections (26/0.33lb).This kid sport hoop set can be adjusted differently according to the child’s size.MULTIFUNCTION TOY COLOR HOOP for KIDS : Weighted adjustable hoop not only can be used as a kids toy for playing, but also as an dog agility equipment for pet training.Our adjustable kid sport hoop can be used as Easter wreath. The texture on the tube makes the toy ring look unique. Play in outside on the lawn of your backyard, in the gym, on the playground.ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT: The adjustable hoop plastic toys of the adjustable hoop is hollow,so if you need to increase its weight, you can add sand or stuffing to adjust the weight of the kid sport hoop bulk .Of course, you can’t add to much weight too Exceed the load of the kid sport hoop, otherwise the adjustable hoops are very easy to fall apart, in addition,the ends of each kid sport hoop piece are not open,if you add the sands, it can ensure uniform force.HIGH QUALITY: Our kid sport hoop for children are made of high-quality plastic.The dog training hoop is perfect for kids of all ages! Adults can hardly resist giving one a twirl with their kids.Ideal choice for Beginners and Kids.Great for Party Favors or Giveaways.Loads of fun!Great for summer activity !

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