50-Pack 14MM Translucent & Solid 6-Sided Game Dice 5 Sets of Vintage

Size: 0.55In Dice And Classic Pipped Faces. Perfect For Replacing Board Game Dice Or Playing Your Own Games..
Activities: Dice Also Make Excellent Teacher’s Aids, Supplementing Math Lessons And Encouraging Simple Arithmetic Great For Board Games, Dice Games Or Teaching Math!.
Colors : Each Of The 5 Colors Are A Set Of 10 Dice Classic Muted Vintage Tones In Solid And Translucent Treatments!.
Material: Environmentally Friendly, Sturdy, No Fading, No Wear, No Scratches, No Odor, No Spots。.


Quantity 50 dice Traditional six-sided d6 dice arranged into sets of 10 dice in 5 classic, vintage hues Material: environmentally friendly, sturdy, no fading, no wear, no scratches, no odor, no spots Size: 0.55in dice and classic pipped faces. Perfect for replacing board game dice or playing your own games.Colors : Each of the 5 colors are a set of 10 dice Classic muted vintage tones in solid and translucent treatments Activities dice also make excellent Teacher’s aids, supplementing math lessons and encouraging simple arithmetic great for board games, dice games or teaching math!

The Independents: Facing The Titan – Cannibal Halfling Gaming

· It takes from that game some basic structure: One set of two six-sided dice is shared between all players, and each phase of the game involves passing the dice between players and making rolls not to determine if you succeed or fail, but rather what it looks like when you do what you try to do. Facing the Titan moves away from the original game …

An Afternoon Deep in Angola – No Dice No Glory

· The game also has other great balancing mechanics that keeps the game fun and fluid. Each turn it seemed that one of the two sides were in reach of ending the game early and that see-saw play went on until my team was able to secure a victory. Overall Thoughts Angola is a great game and shows how great mechanics can make or break a game.

Matt Carlson: The Dice of Gen Con | The Opinionated Gamers

· Matt Carlson: The Dice of Gen Con. Posted on October 31, 2021 by Matt J Carlson. As I mentioned previously, for many years Gen Con was a mecca for role-playing aficionados. As with any pastime, players grow fond of their tools and toys. Role-playing is no different and one can look no further than a player’s dice to get a sense of a gamer’s …

Review: Coriolis – Storytelling and Gaming

· The game is played with a set of six sided dice with an attribute + skill value pool of dice. Rolling a six is a success and it usually requires three sixes to succeed with no consequences. 1 or two is a limited success. You can use the power of the gods (Icons) to reroll some of the dice, but if you do that, there is karmic balance and the GM …

Battlefield 2042 | All you need to know – GodisaGeek.com

· Battlefield 2042 | All you need to know. by Adam Cook on June 9, 2021. Today, EA has officially unveiled the next entry in its first-person shooter series, and it will be called Battlefield 2042 …

How To Dress Like Disney’s Encanto Characters – Endless …

· Image Source: Disney & Amazon. Luisa is the most formidable character in Encanto. To replicate this strong woman’s look, start with a simple white blouse with a red bowtie. Of course, you can improvise her bowtie using a red ribbon or even laces. Next, pair the blouse with a dark blue maxi skirt and matching blue espadrilles or close-toed flats.

Battle Report: Mar Tuuk vs Tarkin, 19.09.2021 – Armada …

· The Munificents are pretty obvious. LTT and red dice are a match made in heaven. With Mar Tuuk, I have even more red dice which could be rerolled, and, as a worst-case, I got Intensify Firepower (IF) to fix those blanks. Mar Tuuk is on the Medical Team/Tide of Progress Munificent because I think the Providence will attract more fire.


· Dice Throne (Tactician vs Huntress): Review Information: Mechanics: Engine Builder, Head to Head, Yahtzee Mechanism, Variable Player Powers, Take That Player Age: 8+ Player Count: 2 Players, Up to 6 Players by adding in any more of the characters Time to Play: 20 – 40 Minutes Game Designer: Manny Trembley, Nate Chatellier Game Artist: Manny …

Draftosaurus and Expansions: Rapid Review

· Regular Question 3) Can You Play (insert popular rule set here) Solo ? All rule sets can be played Solo, but it depends what YOU want from a game. If you want to simply “play chess” against yourself, being fair to both sides, and if you are genuinely able to put your head into two different places during a game then this can be fine.

Denyer’s Bits & Bods….: "Where/How Can I…" And Other …

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