Creating an airport town using DUPLO LEGO is an exciting venture. These versatile blocks are perfect for constructing intricate designs, from sprawling runways to bustling terminals.

Starting with the Base: Begin with a flat, sturdy surface. For larger setups, consider a LEGO baseplate.

Constructing the Runway: Utilise elongated pieces to make the runway. Ensure it’s wide enough for your aeroplane pieces and long enough to mimic a real runway.

Building the Terminal: DUPLO pieces come in various shapes and sizes. Use larger blocks for the main building and smaller ones for intricate designs like windows, doors, and control towers.

Adding Details: DUPLO sets often come with special pieces such as tiny aeroplanes, passengers, and even control tower equipment. Position these strategically to breathe life into your airport.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to build. It’s all about unleashing your creativity and enjoying the process.

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