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✔️ 2Lbs Weight With Foam Padding: Our Hoops Strike The Perfect Balance – They Are Not Too Light Or Too Heavy, Making Them Ideal For Every Skill Set. The Smooth Design Helps Provide You With A Comfortable Workout, Allowing You To Spin For Longer And Burn More Calories..
✔️ Our Promise: This Will Be The Only Fitness Hoop You Will Ever Need To Buy. We Are So Confident That You Will Love Our Waist Hoop For Weight Loss, That If You Do Have Any Issues, You Can Reach Out To Us And We Will Issue You A Full Hassle Free Refund Or Replacement Immediately..
✔️ Hoop Anywhere: Our Weighted Hoop Comes With 8 Pieces That Are Easy To Assemble And Disassemble With The Push Of A Button. You Can Also Adjust The Size Of The Hoop By Only Using 6 Or 7 Pieces. The Strong Push-Button Mechanism Prevents Separation During Use, So You Don’T Have To Worry About It Collapsing While You Hoop. The Included Free Carry Bag Is Perfect To Store Your Hoop And Take It With You On The Road..
✔️ We Aren’T Like The Rest: While Other Fitness Hoops Are Flimsy, Difficult To Put Together, And Break Or Tear Within A Few Days, Alpas Athletics Weighted Fitness Hoop Is Made Using Premium And Durable Materials, With A New State Of The Art Clicking Mechanism, That Will Last Longer And Perform Better Than Our Competitors. This Means More Exercise For You, But More Importantly, More Fun!.


FEEL THE BURN: Exercise doesn t have to be boring – hula your way to a stronger core with our weighted exercise hoop. Have fun, lose weight and burn calories, all without the mundane gym regimen. Our weighted fitness hoop will quickly become your new go-to workout. WE AREN T LIKE THE REST: While other fitness hoops are flimsy, difficult to put together, and break or tear within a few days, Alpas Athletics Weighted Fitness Hoop is made using premium and durable materials, with a new state of the art clicking mechanism, that will last longer and perform better than our competitors. This means more exercise for you, but more importantly, more fun! 2LBS WEIGHT WITH FOAM PADDING: Our hoops strike the perfect balance – they are not too light or too heavy, making them ideal for every skill set. The smooth design helps provide you with a comfortable workout, allowing you to spin for longer and burn more calories. HOOP ANYWHERE: Our weighted hoop comes with 8 pieces that are easy to assemble and disassemble with the push of a button. You can also adjust the size of the hoop by only using 6 or 7 pieces. The strong push-button mechanism prevents separation during use, so you don t have to worry about it collapsing while you hoop. The included free carry bag is perfect to store your hoop and take it with you on the road. OUR PROMISE: This will be the only fitness hoop you will ever need to buy. We are so confident that you will love our waist hoop for weight loss, that if you do have any issues, you can reach out to us and we will issue you a full hassle free refund or replacement immediately.

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· Product description: Product Name: Hula Hoop Product material: industrial quality material Suitable for waist circumference: 1 foot 8-3 foot 2 Features: Rotate freely, fit to the waist, it doesn’t hurt after turning for a long time, small footprint, can be used in office and home, Applicable scenes: running sports fitness equipment sports trend fitness body

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