Annova Antique Globe Dia 5.5-inch / 14CM – Educational/Geographic/Mo

Antique Globe: Beautiful Eye-Catching Globe , With A Shiniest And Rusty-Free Stainless Steel Arc And Base, Perfect For Home And Office Decoration, As A Stylish Modern Look, Or Simply Match The Color Of The Spot You Have Chosen..
Gifting: Packaging In Premier Craft Box, Perfect Gifting Idea For Almost All The Occasions. Children’S Birthday, Christmas, Friends’ Event, New Office Opening, You Are More Than Welcome To Be Creative. For Instance, Give To Someone Who Would Love To Decorate A Studio, Or In A Café As A Stand Out Piece, Etc..
High Quality: The Product Itself Rotates On A Sturdy Stand, Height Including Stand: 7 1/2″. We Use The Best Material We Are Able To Use In The Industry, Which Include Stainless Steel, High Quality Ink, And So On. Aim To Ensure This Globe Is A Real Luxury, With No Disappointments..
Fun & Educational: Our Globe Has Up To Date Detail, Encourage Inquisitive Children To Explore The World Of Science With Their Own Hands And Eyes. Children May Be Able To Explore The Continents They Have Or Have Not Been, Spot A Place And Find Out What’S On It, And What’S Around It, They Would Be Encouraged To Read And Recognize The Fact Of The Earth Geographically And Historically..


MORE THAN DECORATION: Antique Globe (5.5-inch) has high quality printing which is fine and clear, led to a very easy and enjoyable experience when one to read the geographical sphere. It displays countries, political boundaries, capital cities, major cities, and more, feel free to use it every day and refer to it anytime.FUN & EDUCATIONAL: Our Globe has up to date detail, encourage inquisitive children to explore the world of science with their own hands and eyes. Children may be able to explore the continents they have or have not been, spot a place and find out what s on it, and what s around it, they would be encouraged to read and recognize the fact of the earth geographically and historically.ANTIQUE GLOBE: Beautiful eye-catching globe , with a shiniest and rusty-free stainless steel arc and base, perfect for home and office decoration, as a stylish modern look, or simply match the color of the spot you have chosen.HIGH QUALITY: The product itself rotates on a sturdy stand, height Including stand: 7 1/2. We use the best material we are able to use in the industry, which include stainless steel, high quality ink, and so on. Aim to ensure this globe is a real luxury, with no disappointments.GIFTING: Packaging in premier craft box, perfect gifting idea for almost all the occasions. Children s birthday, Christmas, friends event, new office opening, you are more than welcome to be creative. For instance, give to someone who would love to decorate a studio, or in a caf as a stand out piece, etc.

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