AnnoyingPCB – The Prank Device That Won t Stop Beeping for 3 Years

Battery Lasts 3 Years: No Short Gags Here, We’re In It For The Long Con. The Included Battery Won’t Die In A Few Days, It Will Randomly Beep For Three Years! Rest Assured Your Victims Sanity Will Fail Long Before Annoyingpcb Runs Out Of Juice..
Hiding Inspiration: Prank Your Friends, Neighbors, Or Co-Workers And Drive Them Insane! Conceal It Inside A Drawer With Stuff In It Or A Cupboard Near Other Appliances That Already Beep. Affix It Underneath A Desk, Behind A Monitor, Inside A Tissue Box, Or In A Drop Ceiling. No One Is Safe With The Annoyingpcb In Your Prank Kit..
Unique Sounds: You’re Not Stuck With Just One Choice Of Annoying Sounds. With The Press Of A Button, You Can Easily Change The Sound. Noises Include: A Normal Beep, A High Pitch Screech, And A Cricket Chirping. Take The Crown As Funniest Prankster On April Fools..
Compact And Lightweight: This Super Small Annoying Sound Device Can Hide Easily In Most Places. This Little Noise Prank Is Inconspicuous And Hard To Find. It Is Light Enough For Off-Brand Tape Or A Magnet To Hold It In Place..


ONE DEVICE, UNLIMITED CHAOS: AnnoyingPCB is the ultimate gag gift or revenge pranks. Simply activate the noise maker and hide it. It will beep, screech, or make a cricket sound at random intervals of 5 to 45 minutes. Perfect April Fools Day prank for your friends or coworkers!COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This super small annoying sound device can hide easily in most places. This little noise prank is inconspicuous and hard to find. It is light enough for off-brand tape or a magnet to hold it in place.BATTERY LASTS 3 YEARS: No short gags here, we’re in it for the long con. The included battery won’t die in a few days, it will randomly beep for three years! Rest assured your victims sanity will fail long before AnnoyingPCB runs out of juice.UNIQUE SOUNDS: You’re not stuck with just one choice of annoying sounds. With the press of a button, you can easily change the sound. Noises include: a normal beep, a high pitch screech, and a cricket chirping. Take the crown as funniest prankster on April Fools.HIDING INSPIRATION: Prank your friends, neighbors, or co-workers and drive them insane! Conceal it inside a drawer with stuff in it or a cupboard near other appliances that already beep. Affix it underneath a desk, behind a monitor, inside a tissue box, or in a drop ceiling. No one is safe with the AnnoyingPCB in your prank kit.

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· This in turn triggers a beeping sound that gradually increases in strength. If the goat ignores the beeping sound for too long, it receives a small electric shock from the digital device around its neck. Goats are smart, and most of them quickly learn that the beep is followed by a shock if they cross the boundary.

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