AR-PRO (2-Pack) 8.5 Inches x 2 Inches Scooter Inner Tube Replacement

Extra Thick Butyl Rubber Inner Tubes – With Thick, Shock-Absorbent Butyl Rubber, You Feel The Bumps And Potholes As Your Scooter Glides Along. These Replacement Inner Tubes Are .5 Mm Thicker Than Average Inner Tubes Providing A Higher Impact Dampening Effect. Aside From That, These Tubes Are Also Chemical, Weather, Tear, And Wear-Resistant..
Important Note: This Replacement Kit Is An Aftermarket Product Produced By Calpalmy (Tm). It Meets Or Exceeds The Performance Of Oem Replacements (Based On In-House Testing). We Do Not Have Any Affiliation With Or Endorsement From Any Of The Manufacturers Mentioned..
Safety First With Explosion-Proof Inner Tubes – Tire And Inner Tube Punctures Are Not Just Inconvenient, They Can Also Be Dangerous. Avoid Explosive Punctures With Our Penetration Resistant And Self-Sealing Inner Tubes. Designed To Prevent Damage And Injury, These Butyl Rubber Inner Tubes Create An Airtight Seal When And If Punctured. And With Their Extreme Weather Resistance, You’ll Be Assured Of Your Safety In Any Weather And Season..
Compatible With A Wide Variety Of Scooters – This Type And Size Of Inner Tubes Are Popular Among Electric And Gas Scooters, Pocket Bikes, Mini Choppers, Mini Bikes, And Mobility Scooters. Several Brands That Have Models Compatible With These Replacement Inner Tubes Include Razor, Bladez, Gotrax, And More!.


PERFECT XIAOMI M365 COMPATIBLE INNER TUBE REPLACEMENT – Xiaomi’s M365 electric scooter model has front and rear tires that are 8.5 inches in diameter and are 2 inches thick. These 2-pack scooter replacement inner tubes have the exact dimensions to fit Xiaomi M365 tires.COMPATIBLE WITH A WIDE VARIETY OF SCOOTERS – This type and size of inner tubes are popular among electric and gas scooters, pocket bikes, mini choppers, mini bikes, and mobility scooters. Several brands that have models compatible with these replacement inner tubes include Razor, Bladez, Gotrax, and more!EXTRA THICK BUTYL RUBBER INNER TUBES – With thick, shock-absorbent butyl rubber, you feel the bumps and potholes as your scooter glides along. These replacement inner tubes are .5 mm thicker than average inner tubes providing a higher impact dampening effect. Aside from that, these tubes are also chemical, weather, tear, and wear-resistant.SAFETY FIRST WITH EXPLOSION-PROOF INNER TUBES – Tire and inner tube punctures are not just inconvenient, they can also be dangerous. Avoid explosive punctures with our penetration resistant and self-sealing inner tubes. Designed to prevent damage and injury, these butyl rubber inner tubes create an airtight seal when and if punctured. And with their extreme weather resistance, you’ll be assured of your safety in any weather and season.IMPORTANT NOTE: This replacement kit is an aftermarket product produced by CalPalmy (TM). It meets or exceeds the performance of OEM replacements (based on in-house testing). We do not have any affiliation with or endorsement from any of the manufacturers mentioned.

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