Art Smock For Kids Waterproof Artist Painting Smocks Toddler Paintin

3. Special 3 Pocket And Long Sleeve Desing: Each Kids Art Apron Smock Has 3 Pockets To Store Brushes And Paints Or Other Tools, Provides Convenience For Children To Play, Help They Stop Losing. Long Sleeve Design, Children Can Tie The Strap Attaching On The Back To Secure The Smock, Wear It Comfortably..
5. Perfect Gift – Ideal For Kid’s Paint Watercolor Paints Painting Sponges Paint Brushes Glue And Scissors. The Lightweight Fabric Is Easy To Care For And Instantly Re-Usable. Our Waterproof Smock For Kids Who Love Paint And Draw And Can Protect Them From Staining Clothes..
4. Effective Protection Design :To Avoid Painting Or Leaving Other Unwanted Residue On Kids’ Clothing, Suitable For Cleaning, Serving, Painting And Crafting, Etc..
2.Overall Size – The Measures Of Kids Art Smock Is 22 X 19 Inches. One Size Suitable For Kids From 2 3 4 5 6 7 Years Old To Painting, Cooking And Other Recreational Activities. The Great Size Of Smock For Kids Is An All Over Protection And With The Waterproof Material You Can Rest Easy That You Little Ones Clothes Will Stay Clean..


1. HIGH QUALITY AND EASY TO CLEAN – Our rainbow unicorn art toddler smock are made of smooth, waterproof polyester material, durable and reusable, BPA free. The kids smocks can be repeated use and easy to cleans with soap and water. Or you can simply throw it in the washing machine.2.OVERALL SIZE – The measures of kids art smock is 22 x 19 inches. One size suitable for kids from 2 3 4 5 6 7 years old to painting, cooking and other recreational activities. The great size of smock for kids is an all over protection and with the waterproof material you can rest easy that you little ones clothes will stay clean.3. SPECIAL 3 POCKET AND LONG SLEEVE DESING: Each kids art apron smock has 3 pockets to store brushes and paints or other tools, provides convenience for children to play, help they stop losing. Long Sleeve design, Children can tie the strap attaching on the back to secure the smock, wear it comfortably.4. EFFECTIVE PROTECTION DESIGN :To avoid painting or leaving other unwanted residue on kids’ clothing, suitable for cleaning, serving, painting and crafting, etc.5. PERFECT GIFT – Ideal for kid’s paint watercolor paints painting sponges paint brushes glue and scissors. The lightweight fabric is easy to care for and instantly re-usable. Our waterproof smock for kids who love paint and draw and can protect them from staining clothes.

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