Aussie Exclusive: DUPLO Classic Deluxe Brick Box – Detailed Review & Guide

The DUPLO Classic Deluxe Brick Box doesn’t just serve as a mere collection of playthings, but instead, it’s a trove of endless possibilities, allowing young minds to create, learn, and grow. With this set, imaginative play meets practical learning, fostering motor skills, creativity, and cognition.

The primary feature of the Deluxe Brick Box is the plethora of colourful storage bricks that form the building blocks of any fantasy structure that kids can dream up. From towering castles to bustling cityscapes, these bricks are the bedrock of creative play.

Adding personality to the mix, the box comes equipped with DUPLO figures. These adorable characters help children delve into role-playing, encouraging empathy and social skills.

Last but certainly not least, the set includes a lovable dog and a fun toy car. These additional elements inspire children to engage with narratives about their world, further enhancing their play and learning experience.

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