Ayeboovi Toss and Catch Ball Set Outdoor Games for Kids Ball and Cat

Cheer Maker Anywhere Anytime – Join Kids To Have Fun With Our Toss And Catch Ball Set At Home, In The Park Or On The Beach. Grab The Paddle Ball Set In The Storage Bag We Prepared For You, And Enjoy The Fun With Your Loved Ones Wherever You Are..
Hassle-Free Purchase – Got A Problem With This Item? This Is How You Can Reach Us →Clicking Seller Name→Ask A Question If You Have A Question Or You Are Not Satisfied With Our Kids Toss Game Set, We Will Get The Issue Taken Care Of Asap..
Outdoor Games For Kids – Thinking About A Birthday Gift For Your Kids This Year? Well, You’ve Found A Perfect One. This Special Paddle Game Set Will Surely Bring Joy And Friends Together For The Kiddo..
Reinforced Quality – We Replaced The Inserted Paper Piece Of This Toss Game Set With A Waterproof Piece, Which Is Much Stronger And Water Resistant So That The Sticky Part Won’t Come Out Of The Handle. The Stitching Part Has Also Been Strengthened With Thicker Strings So The Stitching Won’t Come Apart Like Other Similar Products Do..


TOSS AND CATCH BALL SET – Having fun with a team shall be a better idea than having fun alone. The toss and catch ball game set comes with 4 paddles and 4 balls, so it will bring both kids and adults together to make more fun and to realize more socialization.REINFORCED QUALITY – We replaced the inserted paper piece of this toss game set with a waterproof piece, which is much stronger and water resistant so that the sticky part won’t come out of the handle. The stitching part has also been strengthened with thicker strings so the stitching won’t come apart like other similar products do.CHEER MAKER ANYWHERE ANYTIME – Join kids to have fun with our toss and catch ball set at home, in the park or on the beach. Grab the paddle ball set in the storage bag we prepared for you, and enjoy the fun with your loved ones wherever you are.OUTDOOR GAMES FOR KIDS – Thinking about a birthday gift for your kids this year? Well, you’ve found a perfect one. This special paddle game set will surely bring joy and friends together for the kiddo.HASSLE-FREE PURCHASE – Got a problem with this item? This is how you can reach us clicking seller name Ask a question if you have a question or you are not satisfied with our kids toss game set, we will get the issue taken care of asap.

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