Baby Banana Yellow Banana Infant Toothbrush, Easy to Hold, Made in t

The Baby Banana Has Been Carefully Designed Especially For Little Hands To Hold. Its “Peels” Allow You To Attach A Binky Strap To The Brush To Prevent It From Being Dropped. If It Does Fall On The Ground, It’S Easy To Rinse Off And Keep Chewing. The Whole Toothbrush Measures 4.33″ X 0.39″ X 7.87″, Making It Perfect As A My First Toothbrush For Infants Just Beginning To Teethe..
Now Available In A Variety Of Colors To Suit Any Baby’S Style.
When Your Baby’s First Tooth Erupts, You Can Use A Tiny Smear Of Infant Safe To Swallow Toothpaste On The Bristles Of The Baby Banana Toothbrush. Parents Can Help The Baby To Gently Brush The Tooth Both Front And Back. Toddlers Can Use Up To A Pea Sized Drop Of Safe To Swallow Toothpaste, And Can Start To Be Taught How To Brush Their Own Teeth. Parents Should Always Supervise When Baby Is Learning How To Brush Their Teeth..
Recommended For Ages 3-12 Months.
The Baby Banana Is Proudly Made In The Usa. It Is Made From 100% Food Grade Silicone, And Is Bpa Free And Phthalate Free. The Bendable Silicone Is Safe For Babies Who Bite Down Hard On A Toothbrush, Or If They Should Fall While Holding The Toothbrush, The Soft Material Will Prevent Oral Injuries That Could Occur With A Traditional Toothbrush..
This Easy To Hold Toothbrush Toy Is Made From A Single Piece Of High Quality, Food Grade Silicone. It’s Been Designed To Be Highly Durable To Withstand The Rough Handling Of Infants And Toddlers. It Can Be Put In The Freezer To Provide A Soothing Numbing Effect For Painful Mouths. It Is Designed To Be Easily Cleaned In The Top Rack Of The Dishwasher..


Start teaching your baby good brushing habits with the Baby Banana Toothbrush! This training toothbrush is designed specifically for infants’ and toddlers’ small, sensitive mouths. Intended to be introduced when babies first begin teething and they instinctively want to stick everything in their mouths. The soft silicone bristles will gently massage sore teething gums when the brush is rubbed against them.This easy to hold toothbrush toy is made from a single piece of high quality, food grade silicone. It’s been designed to be highly durable to withstand the rough handling of infants and toddlers. It can be put in the freezer to provide a soothing numbing effect for painful mouths. It is designed to be easily cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher.The Baby Banana has been carefully designed especially for little hands to hold. Its peels allow you to attach a binky strap to the brush to prevent it from being dropped. If it does fall on the ground, it s easy to rinse off and keep chewing. The whole toothbrush measures 4.33 x 0.39 x 7.87, making it perfect as a My First Toothbrush for infants just beginning to teethe.The Baby Banana is proudly Made in the USA. It is made from 100% food grade silicone, and is BPA free and phthalate free. The bendable silicone is safe for babies who bite down hard on a toothbrush, or if they should fall while holding the toothbrush, the soft material will prevent oral injuries that could occur with a traditional toothbrush.When your baby’s first tooth erupts, you can use a tiny smear of infant safe to swallow toothpaste on the bristles of the Baby Banana Toothbrush. Parents can help the baby to gently brush the tooth both front and back. Toddlers can use up to a pea sized drop of safe to swallow toothpaste, and can start to be taught how to brush their own teeth. Parents should always supervise when baby is learning how to brush their teeth.Recommended for ages 3-12 monthsNow available in a variety of colors to suit any baby s style

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