Baby Elefun Teething Toys – BPA Free Silicone, Easy to Hold Teethers

Easy To Hold And Interesting To Chew – The Innovative Shape, Soft Gummy Texture And Flexible Design Are Made To Keep The Baby Busy And Happy With This Silicone Teether Much Longer Than Other Teething Toys, So That A New Mom Can Catch Up On Some Much-Needed Rest And Relaxation! It’S A Must Have For All Babies, And It Will Quickly Become Their Favorite Teething Toy. So Be Sure To Get One For Home And One For The Diaper Bag! Works Great And Loved By Boys And Girls!.
Safe And Reliable – You Baby Won’T Hurt Themselves, Because It’S Super Soft And Exactly The Right Size And Shape So Babies Can’T Gag Or Choke Themselves. Suitable For 0+ Age, With No Parts To Break Off And Zero Choking Hazard. Contains No Liquids Or Gels That Could Erupt Or Leak. This Baby Teething Pacifier Is An Ideal Gift For A Baby Shower!.
100% Food Grade And Easy To Clean – Free Of Bpa, Pvc, Phthalates, Cadmium, Lead And Any Other Heavy Metals For Your Baby’S Ultimate Safety And Health! Silicone Design Is 100% Food Grade, Safe For Infants, And Is Simple To Wash In The Dishwasher Or In Warm Soapy Water. It’S Also Tough Enough To Be Boiled, Microwave Sanitized, Or Disinfected In A Uv Or Steam Sterilizer. Can Be Chilled In The Fridge Or Freezer Safely For Extra Numbing Relief..
Perfect Size And Ez Grip Design For Little Hands – The Lightweight Easy-Grip Elephant Teething Toy Is Shaped Ideally For Your Baby’S Small Hand, Which Means It Is Very Easy To Hold And Chew. And That Your Baby Will Comfortably Chew It For A Long Time Never Losing Grip. The Unique Hollow Design Develops Improved Hand-Eye Coordination, While Also Soothing The Baby!.


5 DIFFERENT TEXTURES AND BRISTLES will stimulate the gums for any baby that loves to chew, while also working as a first stage toothbrush! Your baby will have guaranteed effective teething itch and pain relief and will NOT LOSE INTEREST in this innovative baby teething toy for a long time! This unique design allows the baby teether to reach the lips, tongue, cheeks and even molars! The gentle gum massage stimulates the muscles inside the mouth, improving the oral motor skills needed for talking.PERFECT SIZE AND EZ GRIP DESIGN FOR LITTLE HANDS The lightweight easy-grip Elephant Teething Toy is shaped ideally for your baby s small hand, which means it is very easy to hold and chew. And that your baby will comfortably chew it for a long time NEVER LOSING GRIP. The unique hollow design develops improved hand-eye coordination, while also soothing the baby!EASY TO HOLD AND INTERESTING TO CHEW – the innovative shape, soft gummy texture and flexible design are made to keep the baby busy and happy with this silicone teether much longer than other teething toys, so that a new mom can catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation! It s a must have for all babies, and it will quickly become their favorite teething toy. So be sure to get one for home and one for the diaper bag! Works great and loved by boys and girls!100% FOOD GRADE AND EASY TO CLEAN Free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, Lead and any other heavy metals for your baby s ultimate safety and health! Silicone design is 100% Food Grade, Safe for Infants, and is simple to wash in the dishwasher or in warm soapy water. It s also tough enough to be boiled, microwave sanitized, or disinfected in a UV or steam sterilizer. Can be CHILLED IN THE FRIDGE or freezer safely for extra numbing relief.SAFE AND RELIABLE You baby won t hurt themselves, because it s super soft and exactly the right size and shape so babies can t gag or choke themselves. Suitable for 0+ age, with no parts to break off and zero choking hazard. Contains no liquids or gels that could erupt or leak. This baby teething pacifier is an IDEAL GIFT for a BABY SHOWER!

The Only Feeder & Teether You Need – EverDeals

· The one and only teething feeder you need. Perfectly designed, totally safe, and 100% awesome. It ain’t Kix but kid tested and mother approved it is. It’s the safe and smart way to introduce solids without having to worry about choking. The Forage Feeder holds food in the silicone pocket, the small holes ensure only tiny bits can pass through.

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