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【Numerous Sounds And Colors】This 10-Piece Rattle Set Offers A Wide Variety Of Sounds. The Sounds Rattles Make Can Also Alert Babies To Noise. If They Hear The Sound Of A Rattle, Babies Will Eventually Turn Their Heads Towards The Sound. They Will Enjoy Hearing Themselves Make Fun Sounds When They Move Their Arm And Learn To Visually Track, Or Coordinate Their Eyes Together To Watch A Moving Toy. Each Toy Includes A Variety Of Bright Colors With High Contrast To Encourage Vision Development..
【Worry-Free After Sale Service】If You Need A Baby Shower Gift Or Newborn Gift Idea, These Baby Rattle Teether Make A Sweet Little Gift Set. Hope Our Products Will Bring You More Happiness. If There Is Any Issue, Just Let Us Know Then We Will Make A Satisfying Solution Special For You..
【Great Variety Of Textured Surfaces】 Most Infants Begin Teething At Around 6 Months. Having Teethers On Hand Will Save The Day. Our Baby Toys Includes A Variety Of Interesting Patterns, Look Like Animals, Keys, Flowers Or Musical Instruments With Different Textured Surfaces. Babies Play By Bringing Their Teething Toys To Their Mouth And Safely Exploring These Baby Toys Not Only With Their Hands But Their Tongue And Mouth, Which Help Soothe Their Gums As Well As Engage Their Senses..
【Various Shapes And Sizes】About 3 Months, Babies Start To Explore Their Surroundings With Hands, Reach Out, Swat At, And Grasp For A Favorite Toy. Our Rattles Feature Multiple Easy Grip Handles For Giving Baby Plenty Of Holding Spots, Lovely Shapes Appeal To Them And Perfect Size For Little Hands To Grab And Shake, Your Little One Won’T Get Enough Of Them! They Will Hold The Rattles Tightly With A Strong Grasp Reflex. As Their Fine Motor Skills Develop, They Will Learn To Hold And Shake Them..


Safe and Durable Materials Comes with 10 pieces and all pieces are made from non-toxic materials. Polished smooth edges, burr-free and strong enough to withstand chewing and large enough to avoid choking hazard, which is safe for curious baby to touch, chew and gnaw on as they please. Features dishwasher safe, allow to be quickly cleaned and sterilized with steam, ultraviolet light or boiled. With a large container to hold all pieces and each toy was individually wrapped in clear packing bag. Various Shapes and Sizes About 3 months, babies start to explore their surroundings with hands, reach out, swat at, and grasp for a favorite toy. Our rattles feature multiple easy grip handles for giving baby plenty of holding spots, lovely shapes appeal to them and perfect size for little hands to grab and shake, your little one won t get enough of them! They will hold the rattles tightly with a strong grasp reflex. As their fine motor skills develop, they will learn to hold and shake them. Numerous Sounds and Colors This 10-piece rattle set offers a wide variety of sounds. The sounds rattles make can also alert babies to noise. If they hear the sound of a rattle, babies will eventually turn their heads towards the sound. They will enjoy hearing themselves make fun sounds when they move their arm and learn to visually track, or coordinate their eyes together to watch a moving toy. Each toy includes a variety of bright colors with high contrast to encourage vision development. Great Variety of Textured Surfaces Most infants begin teething at around 6 months. Having teethers on hand will save the day. Our baby toys includes a variety of interesting patterns, look like animals, keys, flowers or musical instruments with different textured surfaces. Babies play by bringing their teething toys to their mouth and safely exploring these baby toys not only with their hands but their tongue and mouth, which help soothe their gums as well as engage their senses. Worry-free After Sale Service If you need a baby shower gift or newborn gift idea, these baby rattle teether make a sweet little gift set. Hope our products will bring you more happiness. If there is any issue, just let us know then we will make a satisfying solution special for you.


· At this point, you might wonder why we are so adamant about nursery organization. The truth is, time and time again, we’ve seen gorgeous nursery spaces getting consumed by all of baby’s things-books, toys, clothes and more. You’ll be surprised by how much stuff a baby can truly collect over a few months.

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· Some babies may crawl later but do so within eight to 12 months of age. A few babies may alternate between scooting and crawling, while some may not crawl at all. Skipping crawling and relying entirely on scooting is a normal event as long as the baby is achieving other developmental milestones on time.

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· For older babies, this is more true at specific times of day, read on to hear more! 2. Your Body is Designed to Help Your Baby Rest! Naturally, Your body releases more melatonin (the sleepy hormone) in your breastmilk at times of rest. This in turn helps your baby know when it is time to sleep, by making them drowsy.

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· Babies and Infant Formula Under 12 Months Age Breast Milk Substitute Infant formula, kid milk or kid formula, first milk or infant milk, is a food that is arranged and elevated to deal with infants and youngsters under a year mature enough, for the most part prepared for cup-or compartment dealing with.

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· [Content: death.]I wrote most of this a couple of months ago when Nora was a newborn, but the first few months are not that conducive to finishing blog posts. New babies put you into a liminal period, both in your own experience and in how others treat you. People congratulate you on pregnancies and new…

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· Infants who are 8 weeks old often go 4-5 days without pooping. Many times breastfed babies can go 2 weeks without exertion as their mother hasn’t started giving solid food.. After 6-8 weeks the poop frequency of newborns tends to slow down with time, may it be a formula-fed baby or breast-fed. There is nothing to worry about as it is a normal and common …

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