beetoy Tummy Time Baby Floor Mirror Toys with Black and White Patter

【With Removable Crinkle Toys】Crinkle Toys Are Loved By Babies, This Baby Floor Mirror Comes With Detachable Crinkle Toys, These Two Crinkle Toys Have Three-Dimensional Patterns, Animals And Black And White Contrasting Letters. They Can Be Played Alone With The Baby Or Paste To The Mirror. Babies Will Love Them. Buy It!.
【Quality Guarantee】If You Are Not Satisfied With Our Products Or Have Any Questions, You Can Contact Us At Any Time, We Will Provide You With Answers That Satisfy You, Merry Christmas.【Note: There Is A Protective Film On The Mirror, Please Remove It Before Using It To Make The Reflection Clearer.】.
【High Quality And Sophisticated Design】Safety Is The Most Important Thing For Babies. The Material Of This Baby Mirror Is Cotton, Which Is Safe And Harmless And Will Not Endanger The Baby’s Health. The Animal Patterns On The Mirror Are Exquisitely Designed, As Well As Three-Dimensional Patterns, Black And White Contrast Letters, Small Ribbons Of Different Colors, Hanging Teether, Etc., All Can Inspire The Interest Of The Baby..
【Lightweight And Portable】 Baby Floor Mirror Is Perfect For Baby. You Might Need To Adjust The Angle By Propping It Up From The Bottom To Give It A Better Angle For Baby To See The Mirror Better Though.The Baby Can See Himself In The Mirror. When Traveling, It Can Also Be Hung On The Car Seat To Attract The Baby’s Attention And Relieve The Baby’s Boredom. You Can Also Fold It And Put It In A Bag..


BABY DEVELOPMENT TOYS Tummy time floor mirror has patterns exquisite and rich in color and high contrast black and white, which can attract the baby’s attention and promote the baby’s vision development. Teether can make the baby more comfortable and meet the needs of the baby during the teething period. The ribbons and rabbit ears on the baby mirror are made of different materials. Let the baby feel different touch, baby development toys are conducive to the baby’s all-round development. LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE Baby Floor Mirror is perfect for baby. You might need to adjust the angle by propping it up from the bottom to give it a better angle for baby to see the mirror better though.The baby can see himself in the mirror. When traveling, it can also be hung on the car seat to attract the baby’s attention and relieve the baby’s boredom. You can also fold it and put it in a bag. WITH REMOVABLE CRINKLE TOYS Crinkle Toys are loved by babies, this baby floor mirror comes with detachable crinkle toys, These two crinkle toys have three-dimensional patterns, animals and black and white contrasting letters. They can be played alone with the baby or paste to the mirror. Babies will love them. Buy it HIGH QUALITY AND SOPHISTICATED DESIGN Safety is the most important thing for babies. The material of this baby mirror is cotton, which is safe and harmless and will not endanger the baby’s health. The animal patterns on the mirror are exquisitely designed, as well as three-dimensional patterns, black and white contrast letters, small ribbons of different colors, hanging teether, etc., all can inspire the interest of the baby. QUALITY GUARANTEE If you are not satisfied with our products or have any questions, you can contact us at any time, we will provide you with answers that satisfy you, Merry Christmas. NOTE: There is a protective film on the mirror, please remove it before using it to make the reflection clearer.

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