Beijue 16 Bit Handheld Games for Kids Adults 3.0” Large Screen Prel

🚀Rugged Shatterproof: The Casing Is Made Of A Strong And Environmentally Friendly Plastic. Surface Frosted, Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Scratch.After A Long Period Of Practical Use Testing, It Is Enough To Withstand The Violence Of Children. We Promise That If It Accidentally Breaks Within A Month, Please Send Us An Email And We Will Renew It For Free..
🚀Absolute Surprise: This Game Console Can Definitely Surprise You And Your Child. As A Birthday, Christmas, Party Gifts Are Very Sincere.Our Warranty Covers Any Defect Caused During Product Production And Delivery. We Can Offer You Full Refund Or Free Replacement Within 30 Days, Whichever Is At Your Most Convenience..
🚀Uninterrupted Energy: Built-In A Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Providing A Steady Stream Of Energy For Your Child’s Happiness. It Also Eliminates The Parents From Buying And Replacing Batteries Frequently..
🚀Larger And Clearer Screen: 3.0-Inch High-Definition Display, Ensuring Portability, While Also Taking Into Account The Comfort Of The Games. Not Too Bulky Or Too Small. Tailored For Children, Of Course, As An Adult Gamers Also Can Find Pleasure In It.In Order To Prevent The Screen From Being Scratched During Production, The Screen Surface Is Covered With A Protective Film. It Is Normal To Have Scratches On The Protective Film. Please Tear It Off Before Use..


New Styles and Games The appearance of this game console is brand new. Built-in 100 new exciting educational puzzle casual games. And while kids having fun, they’re exercising important developing skills too, like hand-eye coordination, and thinking and problem solving skills. Larger and Clearer Screen: 3.0-inch high-definition display, ensuring portability, while also taking into account the comfort of the games. Not too bulky or too small. Tailored for children, Of course, as an adult gamers also can find pleasure in it.In order to prevent the screen from being scratched during production, the screen surface is covered with a protective film. It is normal to have scratches on the protective film. Please tear it off before use. Rugged Shatterproof: The casing is made of a strong and environmentally friendly plastic. Surface frosted, anti-fingerprint anti-scratch.After a long period of practical use testing, it is enough to withstand the violence of children. We promise that if it accidentally breaks within a month, please send us an email and we will renew it for free. Uninterrupted Energy: Built-in a rechargeable lithium battery, providing a steady stream of energy for your child’s happiness. It also eliminates the parents from buying and replacing batteries frequently. Absolute Surprise: This game console can definitely surprise you and your child. As a birthday, Christmas, party gifts are very sincere.Our warranty covers any defect caused during product production and delivery. We can offer you full refund or free replacement within 30 days, whichever is at your most convenience.

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