Belleur All-in-one Kid Easel Including 2 Paper Rolls, Magnetic Lette

[1 Easel For Multipurpose] This Easel Plays Multiple Roles In Cultivating Children’S Cognitive Competence And Eye-Hand Coordination Ability By Utilizing The Easel And Its Supplements. Parents Can Teach Spelling And Play Arithmetic Games With Your Baby And Feel More Connected With Each Other. Double-Sided Magnetic Artboards Allowing More Than 1 Child To Play Together. The Wide Artboard Surface Ensures Your Baby’S Creativity Will Never Be Ceased By Limited Space..
[Optimize Your Space] Are You Still Worry About Your Children Mess Up The House? An Extra-Large Tray And Canvas Bag Bringing Your Children Ideal Spaces For Putting All The Painting Tools And Other Accessories In Place. The Elegancy Of Easel Could Add Some Points To Your Baby’s Room Decor. More Importantly, A Tidy Environment Will Make Children Be More Focusing On Creating And Raises Children’S Awareness Of Sorting And Organizing Potentially..
[Adjustable Height Ranged 3 Levels] This Easel Is For Children Aged From 3 To 7, And The Height Could Be Easily Adjusted To 3 Different Levels To Adapt To The Growth Of Your Children. It’s Not Just An Easel, It Is A Birthday Gift For Your Baby To Accompany And Witness Their Growth From Kindergarten To Primary School..
[All Round Safety Guarantee] The Easel Has Been Awarded By Cpc/Ce Certification, In Line With International Safety Toy Standards. In Considering Children’S Fragility, The Edges Of The Easel Were All Polished And The Inverted Corners Were Also Rounded To Avoid Abrasion And Bumps..


[All IN ONE] This wooden easel is designed for children who wish to create in 3 different ways (through whiteboard, chalkboard, and paper*2) by using multiple painting tools including 8 whiteboard markers, 1 box of colorful chalks, 6 finger paints, 4 paint pots, dry eraser, brush, cleaning brush, palette, and apron, etc. In addition to that, 1 set of magnetic letters & numbers, 6 round magnetic bottoms were also included in the easel set.[All ROUND SAFETY GUARANTEE] The easel has been awarded by CPC/CE certification, in line with international safety toy standards. In considering children s fragility, the edges of the easel were all polished and the inverted corners were also rounded to avoid abrasion and bumps.[1 EASEL FOR MULTIPURPOSE] This easel plays multiple roles in cultivating children s cognitive competence and eye-hand coordination ability by utilizing the easel and its supplements. Parents can teach spelling and play arithmetic games with your baby and feel more connected with each other. Double-sided magnetic artboards allowing more than 1 child to play together. The wide artboard surface ensures your baby s creativity will never be ceased by limited space.[ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT RANGED 3 LEVELS] This easel is for children aged from 3 to 7, and the height could be easily adjusted to 3 different levels to adapt to the growth of your children. It’s not just an easel, it is a birthday gift for your baby to accompany and witness their growth from kindergarten to primary school.[OPTIMIZE YOUR SPACE] Are you still worry about your children mess up the house? An extra-large tray and canvas bag bringing your children ideal spaces for putting all the painting tools and other accessories in place. The elegancy of easel could add some points to your baby’s room decor. More importantly, a tidy environment will make children be more focusing on creating and raises children s awareness of sorting and organizing potentially.

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· The concepts you want to share should roll off your tongue (in different ways) in every type of milieu you find yourself in. Articulate your complex ideas more simply. Deliver your message in chunks or bullets. You must be concise with your message so others can process it quickly. People’s brains are working hard for them to survive and thrive.

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· 2. Magnetic Letter Sight Words. Spelling sight words with magnetic letters is a simple hands-on approach to reading. You can build high frequency words on a file cabinet, refrigerator, on a magnetic dry-erase board, or without a magnetic surface. Simply lay the magnetic letters out on a table to spell the sight words.

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Goal #2 Complete one CCEI course about supporting social-emotional development, inclusion, or family support every month. Here are some I’ll be completing in 2022: Goal #3 Read one professional book every quarter. I wish I could do this monthly, but part of effective goal setting is having realistic goals.

· 6. Multiply the final answer in step 5 by 100. The last step to calculate weekly class percentage attendance is to multiply by ratio by 100%. As for example 1, this gives us Therefore, the class percentage attendance for the week is 94%. Equally, example 2 gives us Therefore, the class percentage for the week is 95%.

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· Musical Letters. Get some plain paper and write letters on them. Use a mix of letters, but there is no need to use all twenty-six. Place them around a room with the furniture pushed aside, so there is room to move and groove when the music plays. Play the music and groove. Pause the music and CALL out a letter. Your child should stand on that …

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· Everyday Preschool for parents who never planned on homeschooling but school closures and mandated quarantines changed that. The over 170 preschool activities in this book are easy to do but pack big educational punches. They use everyday materials because it was written for parents, not teachers who have supply closets full of materials.

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Playdough Activity for Goldilocks and The Three Bears. There are so many ways you can do this playdough activity; really, it’s about giving your students the materials for them to be creative. Gather your materials. I got playdough in various colors, google eyes, buttons, playdough rolling pins, cookie cutters, and some items to make fun …

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· This is a great book for PreK because as we do self-portraits in PreK children can reflect on their hair, use collage materials to add to simple self-portraits, and really celebrate what makes them unique. Your Name Is A Song by Jamilah Thompson-Bigelow is a beautiful book for an all About Me theme or any time.

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