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Certified & Safe: Enjoy Quality Play With Low-Emission, Child-Friendly Materials In Accordance With Federal Safety Standards.
5-Piece Set: Watch As Your Child Stacks And Swaps Five Different Shapes To Create A Tiny Track To Climb And Crawl Across For Hours Of Fun; Product Dimensions: Cylinder: 8″(Dia) X 17″(H) Small Rectangle: 8.5″(L) X 8.5″(W) X 16.25″(H) Triangle: 24″(L) X 16.25″(W) X 1.5″-8.5″(H) Large Rectangle: 16.25″(L) X 16.25″(W) X 8.5″(H) Half Moon: 16.25″(L) X 16.25″(W) X 8.25″(H).
Child Development: Bright, Multi-Colored Surface And Shapes Stimulate Your Child’s Attention And Promote The Development Of Their Gross Motor Skills, Coordination, And Color Recognition.
Easy Maintenance: Lightweight Blocks Resist Stains And Wear, Thanks To An Easy-To-Clean Vinyl Surface That Wipes Clean With A Damp Cloth.


SOFT FOAM: Child-friendly materials provide you with peace of mind and your child with a soft, low-impact surface to toddle, tumble, and playEASY MAINTENANCE: Lightweight blocks resist stains and wear, thanks to an easy-to-clean vinyl surface that wipes clean with a damp clothCERTIFIED & SAFE: Enjoy quality play with low-emission, child-friendly materials in accordance with federal safety standardsCHILD DEVELOPMENT: Bright, multi-colored surface and shapes stimulate your child’s attention and promote the development of their gross motor skills, coordination, and color recognition5-PIECE SET: Watch as your child stacks and swaps five different shapes to create a tiny track to climb and crawl across for hours of fun; PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Cylinder: 8(Dia) x 17(H) Small Rectangle: 8.5(L) x 8.5(W) x 16.25(H) Triangle: 24(L) x 16.25(W) x 1.5-8.5(H) Large Rectangle: 16.25(L) x 16.25(W) x 8.5(H) Half Moon: 16.25(L) x 16.25(W) x 8.25(H)

80 of the BEST Activities for 2 Year Olds – KidsFive

· Foam Block Building Ideas. Build with blocks in a water table – a fun outdoor experience. Trace the foam blocks with chalk! That way 2 year olds can learn colors and shapes. Work on your 2 year olds motor skills by sticking the foam blocks to sticky paper.

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· Foam Pool . This is a fun outdoor sensory activity for one year olds. Just fill a kiddie pool with foam and toys like spoons, cups, buckets and shovels for them to play and explore. Water Ball Pit . As you already know, being able to grab, toss, and catch is a great skill to help baby develop fine motor skills. Add water and the challenge changes.

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· 5. Shaving Cream Sight Words. Write the high frequency words in a dab of shaving cream on the table. Shaving cream writing is excellent for sensory based interventions. Using shaving cream for spelling words and writing sight words are just a few of the shaving cream activities for kids who are kinesthetic learners.

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Awesome Gift Ideas for 1 Year Olds –

· Soozier 5-Piece Indoor Lightweight Stackable Multicolor Blocks. Most 1 year olds love to crawl and explore, so this Soozier Stackable Block Set is perfect! You can stack or configure them in any way you would like to encourage your little one to move and explore. Helps with hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

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· Thrown Weapons: Shields block thrown weapons. Social: When using social skills, it is important to use the handsign along with the call in order to indicate which tree the call comes from. If the handsign cannot be used, please indicate the tree by using it as part of the call (Such as Ethos: Obey).

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