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Put Your Child To Bed With Sleep Mode As It Plays 10 Classical Music And Act As A Night Light With 12 Options With A Timer Up To 60 Minutes..
Engaging, Fun & Risk – Free! Requires 3 Aaa Batteries That Are Included; Intended For Preschoolers And Early Learners Of Ages 3 And Up..
Skills Learned Include Time, Numbers, Music, Logical Thinking, Motor Functions, Concentration, Dexterity And Memory..
Simply Turn The Hour And Minute Hands As It Reads Out The Time. In Quiz Mode, Its Interactivity Is Essential To Keep Children Absorbed. Teaching Your Little One To Read The Clock Had Never Been Easier With This Learning Clock..


MULTI AWARDS WINNING FUN LEARNING TOY – Family Choice, Mom’s Choice Gold Metal & Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2018! Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award 2019! “What time is it?” The smartest interactive talking clock toy to engage youngsters on how to read the clock.Simply turn the hour and minute hands as it reads out the time. In Quiz Mode, its interactivity is essential to keep children absorbed. Teaching your little one to read the clock had never been easier with this Learning Clock.PUT YOUR CHILD TO BED with Sleep Mode as it plays 10 classical music and act as a night light with 12 options with a timer up to 60 minutes.Skills learned include time, numbers, music, logical thinking, motor functions, concentration, dexterity and memory.ENGAGING, FUN & RISK – FREE! Requires 3 AAA batteries that are included; Intended for preschoolers and early learners of ages 3 and up.

4000 weeks and the clock is ticking | Tim Harford

· Oliver Burkeman’s wonderful (and alarming) new book is “4000 Weeks”. I wholeheartedly recommend it, despite the stress-inducing reminder that the human lifespan is 4000 weeks and I’m well past half way. Burkeman’s book is part Getting Things Done, part Being and Time, and part The Tao of Pooh. He takes seriously the self-help literature on…

C1/C2: Killer Expressions Grouped by Topic – Tim’s Free …

· Thanks to my colleague Natascha Wallace for this idea. Basically it’s a list of advanced expressions, grouped by topic, for C1/C2 students and sets of conversation questions on those same topics. The idea being that they can drop them into their writings or use them in the speaking exam in order to score more points.…

Remembering Tim Cantu – Lookout Landing

· Mariners in first place. On Tuesday, in the early hours of the morning, staff writer Tim Cantu passed away. He was 32 years old. There’s so much anger barreling through, splintering out into …

Three Pillars of Vocabulary Teaching – The Confident Teacher

· “Education is the process of preparing us for the big world and the big world has big words. The more big words I know, the better I will survive in it. Because there are hundreds of thousands of big words in English, I cannot learn them all. But this does not mean that I shouldn’t try to learn some.” David Crystal, ‘Words, Words, Words’

I always love how personal all this is | Tim Worstall

· I always love how personal all this is. Millions of women could be leaving the workforce after the menopause left them feeling they have “lost their marbles”, Davina McCall has warned. The television presenter, fitness instructor and campaigner said that the effect of the menopause on women could be a “drain” on the economy.

How to Play My Favorite 2021 Sector SPDR Right Now

· On a nice, liquid ETF like XLF, you can buy calls all the way out to January 2023 for less than $1 each, or $100 for 100, in some cases. The bottom line is, I think 2021 could be bullish for XLF …

ESL Conversation Questions for Teenagers and … – EFL Ideas

· This speaking activity contains 50 ESL conversation questions for teens and adult learners. (16+, B1+). It is best for small groups or as a pair-work. This activity contains 50 questions and a YouTube video, so students can practice listening to real language and you can also play the game from the video with your students in your classroom …

An open letter to Timothy’s father – The Suffolk News …

· He often points out the Chick-fil-A where you and he would visit when you were still around. He talks about playing in the play area while you ordered. He also remembers the macaroni and cheese you used to make. Cooking is on our schedule of things to learn, and he wants to try that recipe first.

God is Love: Devotionals for the Heart: How to love …

· Similarly, while anxiety education is not the same as knowing and “meditating on” God’s Word, it can be very helpful. It can equip us and help us live a more successful life. Way #2: Accept them. Anxiety isn’t something that can go away on its own. It isn’t something you can “wish away” or “rise above.”.

Distance MA Education in Punjab | Onlinetrainingguide

· When it comes to talking about Distance MA Education in Punjab course, it is a course which is designed for those students or working individuals who don’t aspire to be a part of regular M.A. Behind this, there can be many reasons such as financial limitations, personal issues, health problems, family responsibilities, and much more.

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