BEYBLADE Burst QuadDrive Cyclone Fury String Launcher Set — Battle

Drive Towards Victory: Build The Best Configuration And Harness The Power Of Advanced Quaddrive Tech In The Quaddrive Beystadium (Beystadium Sold Separately, Subject To Availability).
Let It Rip: Launch Into Head-To-Head Battles With Beyblade Burst Beystadiums, Launchers, And Spinning Tops As You Journey Towards Beymastery! (Each Sold Separately, Subject To Availability).
Compete In Digital Battles: Scan Code On Quaddrive Tops To Take The Battle To The Next Level! Compete In The Beyblade Burst App To Unleash Your Top In A Virtual Battle With Other Bladers Worldwide!.
Customize The Clash: Includes Right-Spin Beyblade Burst Quaddrive Cyclone Roktavor R7 G04 Qd02 Ta22-Q S01 Top. Customize Top To Core And Apex Mode For Attack Type Or To Core+ And Apex+ Mode For Stamina Type.


CYCLONE FURY STRING LAUNCHER: The Cyclone Fury String Launcher design allows for quick launches with no need to insert a ripcord for each battle! Move the switch on the launcher to change spin modes and launch left or rightCUSTOMIZE THE CLASH: Includes right-spin Beyblade Burst QuadDrive Cyclone Roktavor R7 G04 QD02 TA22-Q S01 top. Customize top to Core and Apex mode for attack type or to Core+ and Apex+ mode for stamina typeDRIVE TOWARDS VICTORY: Build the best configuration and harness the power of advanced QuadDrive tech in the QuadDrive Beystadium (Beystadium sold separately, subject to availability)COMPETE IN DIGITAL BATTLES: Scan code on QuadDrive tops to take the battle to the next level! Compete in the Beyblade Burst app to unleash your top in a virtual battle with other Bladers worldwide!LET IT RIP: Launch into head-to-head battles with Beyblade Burst Beystadiums, launchers, and spinning tops as you journey towards Beymastery! (Each sold separately, subject to availability)

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