BEYBLADE Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set — Battle Ga

Confront The Motor Vortex: Motorized Energy Zone In The Center Of The Beystadium Redirects The Battle And Energizes Tops For Intense, Highspeed Attacks.
Kids Game Ages 8 And Up: Compete In Head-To-Head Battling Games With Beyblade Burst Spinning Tops, Launchers, And Beystadium Are Cool Toys For Boys And Girls (Each Sold Separately. Subject To Availability). These Toys For 8 Year Old Boys And Girls And Up Make Great Holiday Kids Gifts Or Birthday Gifts For Boys And Girls..
2 Competitive Battling Tops: Harness The Power Of Speedstorm With Right-Spin Tops Evo Lucius Endbringer L6 D12/Tsp22 (Defense Type) And Evo Hyperion Flamebringer H6 D49/Tsp21 (Attack Type.) Scan Code On Tops’ Storm Chips And Beyblade Stadiums To Unlock Each In The Beyblade Burst App.
Motorized Spinning Disc: Features A Spinning Motor Vortex Disc In The Center Of The Beystadium For The First Time In The Beyblade Burst Set Line.


EVERYTHING NEEDED TO BATTLE: Includes Speedstorm Motor Strike motorized Beystadium, 2 right/left-spin launchers, and 2 spinning tops for a complete Beyblade Burst battle toy setMOTORIZED SPINNING DISC: Features a spinning Motor Vortex disc in the center of the Beystadium for the first time in the Beyblade Burst set lineCONFRONT THE MOTOR VORTEX: Motorized energy zone in the center of the Beystadium redirects the battle and energizes tops for intense, highspeed attacks2 COMPETITIVE BATTLING TOPS: Harness the power of Speedstorm with right-spin tops Evo Lucius Endbringer L6 D12/TSP22 (defense type) and Evo Hyperion Flamebringer H6 D49/TSP21 (attack type.) Scan code on tops Storm Chips and Beyblade stadiums to unlock each in the Beyblade Burst appKIDS GAME AGES 8 AND UP: Compete in head-to-head battling games with Beyblade Burst spinning tops, launchers, and Beystadium are cool toys for boys and girls (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). These toys for 8 year old boys and girls and up make great holiday kids gifts or birthday gifts for boys and girls.

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