Blippi Tractor – Fun Vehicle with Freewheeling Features Including 3-

Blippi Figures This Blippi Feature Vehicle Comes With A 3-Inch Farmer Blippi Figure To Match!.
More To Collect! Blippi Toys Come In An Exciting Range Of Plush, Vehicles, Blinds, Figures & Roleplay Items!.
Free-Wheeling! This Blippi Vehicle Is Free-Wheeling, So Your Little Speedster Can Zoom Around The Room!.
Cool Features! Lift The Front Loader To Collect Dirt, Then Watch The Muffler Move As You Ride.


UNIQUE VEHICLES! The Blippi Feature Vehicles assortment includes all kinds of cool rides!COOL FEATURES! Lift the front loader to collect dirt, then watch the muffler move as you rideBLIPPI FIGURES This Blippi Feature Vehicle comes with a 3-inch Farmer Blippi figure to match!FREE-WHEELING! This Blippi Vehicle is free-wheeling, so your little speedster can zoom around the room!MORE TO COLLECT! Blippi toys come in an exciting range of plush, vehicles, blinds, figures & roleplay items!

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