Bloopies Fairies Shine Bright with a Special Water Reveal

ach character features trendy hairstyles and has their own super cute pastel color palette that comes through in their style and accessories. I love all the little details that stand out, from the little stars on their faces to the floral elements that dot their designs.

After finding out what collectible they unpacked, kids will find all of her accessories, including a wand, two beads (one with glitter and one marine-related), a skirt, wings, a pair of flippers (so they can swim, of course), and a custom accessory related to her power. I opened Harriet, who has beautiful hair and a golden outfit, with a pink skirt and wand. Her special accessory is a shield, which leads me to believe that she is the strong defender of the group

Each “special” sea bead is also inspired by a trending gemstone, including emerald, sapphire, amethyst, ruby and agate – and kids can discover their purpose with IMC Toys’ Bloopies series on its Kitoons channel. Kids can further immerse themselves in this magical world with the YouTube series, which will follow the Faries as they meet the Bloopies and Bloopies mermaids on new adventures while learning about friendship, teamwork, family and empathy.

And, of course, the most exciting feature that makes these dolls stand out is that they light up! When children place their fairy inside the lantern and press it, the collectibles emit a soft glow, matching the color of her outfit. They also glow when children place their feet in the water. Curious children can lift the doll’s head and find the batteries hidden in the collectibles’ heads, but parents can rest assured knowing they are securely fastened in the toy.

When playtime is over, kids can store their fairy and all her accessories inside the floral lantern for easy storage. Plus, the lantern has a handle, perfect for carrying around.

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