Building Blocks for Girls: Dream House, Seaside Villa, Friends Cottage Set

The building blocks come in distinct designs – Dream House, Seaside Construction Villa, and Friends Cottage Set. Each set provides a unique, detailed layout that your child can assemble and customise. These sets aren’t merely toys, but a way to foster creativity, enhance problem-solving skills, and promote spatial understanding.

The Dream House set, with its intricate details, lets your child design their ideal home. The Seaside Construction Villa, on the other hand, offers a relaxing, beach-front property construction experience. Lastly, the Friends Cottage Set enables children to build a charming home for their friends, further nurturing their interpersonal skills.

The bricks are robust, offering a secure build, and are easy to connect, making the construction process enjoyable. Moreover, the bricks come in various colours, encouraging the recognition of colours and enhancing visual perception. With these sets, your child will embark on an exciting journey of creation and imagination.

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