Chew Necklace, Sensory Chew Necklace Bundle for Kids with Teething,

Different Textures For Sensory Needs – The Chewing Necklace Has Special Textures On Both Sides, Providing A More Satisfying & Stimulating Sensory Experience..
Package Includes – 4 Pack Silicone Necklace – Colors (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow), And It’s Also Look Pretty To Wear..
Lasting Durability For Most Children –The Silicone Sensory Chew Necklace Is Made Of Durable Silicone Material, Which Is Strong To Chew..
Helps Reduce Stress And Anxiety – This Chew Necklace Is Suitable For Those With Oral Sensory Needs To Promote Calm, Soothe And Focused. Reduce Chewing Pencils, Hands, Clothes, Hairs Etc..


Safe and non-toxic Made of food-grade silicone, BPA free, PVC free, lead free and phthalates free. It’s adjustable cord and detachable buckle make it safe for most children to use.Helps reduce stress and anxiety – This chew necklace is suitable for those with oral sensory needs to promote calm, soothe and focused. Reduce chewing pencils, hands, clothes, hairs etc.Different textures for sensory needs – The chewing necklace has special textures on both sides, providing a more satisfying & stimulating sensory experience.Lasting durability for most children The silicone sensory chew necklace is made of durable silicone material, which is strong to chew.Package includes 4 Pack silicone necklace – Colors (blue, green, red, yellow), and it’s also look pretty to wear.

Lily’s Little Learners: February 2021

· This is a great one for babies first teether. It can be used from newborn as it is mostly soft and very pleasing to a new born babies eyes. This toy is a fun on sensory experience for a baby with the many different textures for them to feel and also it includes crinkle and squeaky noises to entertain baby.

Sensory Friendly Life-Hacks for the Home – Worldwide …

· Sensory integration is the neurobiological process of interpreting and managing the sensory input they receive. There are 3 main sensory systems: The tactile system (e.g., touch, pain, temperature, and pressure), the vestibular system (e.g., movement, balance, head position), and the proprioceptive system (e.g., awareness of where one’s body …

MEDICAL VISITS AND YOUR CHILD | Children’s Health Care …

· • 6-18 months old: rattle, soft book, teething toy, sensory toy, a textured ball • 18 months-2 years old: a sound book, puppet, bubbles, a pinwheel, a simple toy, a light spinner or light up toy • 3-5 years old: seek and find books, sensory toys, books, bubbles, stickers

Fun Ways to Use Articulation Cards – Scanlon Speech Therapy

· Each time the child/student says the target word, have her stick the flashcard onto some sticky paper. The sticky paper turns a simple articulation activity into a tactile, sensory experience! Heighten the thrill factor even more by adding in other objects like leaves, construction paper, magazine/newspaper clippings, etc and stick them onto …

4 Ways Parents Can Support Their Child’s Development

· If you want to support your child’s development, one of the most important things is to make sure they get enough sleep. Have a rock-solid bedtime routine that includes the same elements. At our house, it was brush teeth, PJs, three books, and lights out. We could do this routine anywhere. Even while traveling, I’d pack three books and PJs.

Do Not Stop – Parenting to Impress

· Broken Dreams. After a long struggle, we found out we were expecting our first child. I resigned from teaching (which was an excruciating choice because I loved my job), prepared the nursery, and made all the plans to welcome our bundle of joy.

TK Distance Learning Packet: SPRING – LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL …

· Click here to get my Last Week of School – Week 13 packet from my Teachers Pay Teachers store! And here are the links to the previous weeks of packets for you: TK/Kinder Distance Learning Packet: Spring/Third Trimester BUNDLE Weeks 1-4. TK/Kinder Distance Learning Packet: Spring/Third Trimester BUNDLE Weeks 5-8.

· Teeth Lost in the Year Graph Activity and Tally Chart – How fun to actually track the teeth your kids have lost in the year!? The tooth chart will keep track of the missing teeth and the graph will give a visual presentation of the chart and baby teeth GONE. Jelly Bean Graphing Math Worksheet – This math challenge is sweet! Get it?

Free Printable Graphing Worksheets … – Homeschool Giveaways

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