CiaraQ Polyhedral Dice Set (35 Pieces) with Black Pouches, 5 Complet

Easy To Read: These Polyhedral Acrylic Dices Have Golden Numbers On Each Side; The Golden Numbers Are As Large As Possible On Each Face For Easy Reading.
Tips: If You Receive Defective Dies Or Missing Dies Set, Please Contact Us For Replacement..
Durable And Portable: The Polyhedral Game Dices Are Made From Acrylic, Durable And Lightweight; Come With 5 Pack Black Pouches; Pouch Size Is 3.54 X 2.76 Inches, Convenient To Store And Carry.
Double-Colors Polyhedral Dices: Game Dices Of 2-Colors, Green-Blue, Blue-Yellow, Brown-Blue, Red-Black, Purple-Blue; You Can Choose The Color You Want And Like To Use.


Polyhedral dices set: 5 sets polyhedral dices, each 7-die set contains 1 piece d20, 1 piece d12, 2 pieces d10 (00-90 and 0-9), 1 piece d8, 1 piece d6, 1 piece d4; 35 Pieces in totalDouble-colors polyhedral dices: Game dices of 2-colors, green-blue, blue-yellow, brown-blue, red-black, purple-blue; You can choose the color you want and like to useEasy to read: These polyhedral acrylic dices have golden numbers on each side; The golden numbers are as large as possible on each face for easy readingDurable and portable: The polyhedral game dices are made from acrylic, durable and lightweight; Come with 5 pack black pouches; Pouch size is 3.54 x 2.76 inches, convenient to store and carryTips: If you receive defective dies or missing dies set, please contact us for replacement.

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