City Hospital Playset: Ambulance, Helicopter & Minifigures – Suitable for Girls & Boys?

Delve deep into a world of rescue missions and medical dramas with the City Hospital Building Set. Whether it’s the swift movements of the ambulance on the city streets, the liftoff of the helicopter on a critical mission, or the bustling activities within the hospital, this set ensures hours of imaginative play.

The set comes complete with:

A meticulously designed hospital building, reflecting urban architecture.
An ambulance toy truck, ready to attend to emergencies.
A rescue helicopter with rotating blades, highlighting airborne rescue missions.
Comprehensive road plates to build an interconnected cityscape.
Assorted minifigures, bringing life to the scenes and providing diverse role-play options.

What sets this collection apart is its universality. It isn’t just for boys or girls. Instead, it caters to all young minds eager to explore, understand, and replicate the world around them.

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