Cityscape Playset for Lasses, Featuring Luminary Bricks, Traffic Signals, Trees & Street Signs

Let your little one delve into the magic of city planning with our uniquely designed playset. Ideal for sparking a sense of wonder and imagination, the set includes elements designed to make their miniature city as close to the real thing as possible.

The set includes luminary bricks, glowing in the dark, replicating the city’s twinkling night-time skyline. Traffic signals, a quintessential part of any city, are also included to teach them about road safety rules and street navigation in a playful manner. With trees included in the set, we ensure an element of nature is present, fostering an understanding of the importance of greenery amidst the concrete jungle.

The building plates allow young architects to construct high-rise buildings, bridges, or perhaps even a quaint little neighbourhood. All components are easy to handle, ensuring that assembly and disassembly are part of the fun. In this playset, girls will find a perfect blend of learning and play, and perhaps discover a new passion for urban design.

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