Classic Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Playset with Dumbledore Office, Gryffindor Figures, Sorting Hat & Sword Toys for Children

Get swept away in enchanting wizarding world adventures with the Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter toy set. Recreate memorable moments in Dumbledore’s Office or act out nerve-wracking Sorting Hat ceremonies. Gryffindor Minifigures, including the brave Harry, offer numerous play possibilities, bringing the beloved characters to life.

The Sorting Hat and Sword accessories add to the authentic Harry Potter feel of the set, letting young wizards and witches play out epic battles and magical narratives. The sheer level of detail in this set helps create a truly immersive and fun-filled experience that’s sure to spark imaginative play.

Each element of the set is designed with care to ensure it accurately represents the iconic locations and items from the Harry Potter series. From the ancient walls of Hogwarts Castle to the treasures of Dumbledore’s Office, every piece helps to bring the magic of Harry Potter into your home.

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