Click N’ Play Ball Pit Balls for Kids, Plastic Refill Balls, 200 Pac

Endless Ideas For Fun – Children Will Love That They Can Play With These Balls In So Many Different Ways. Try Them In A Ball Pit, Play Tent, Crawl Tunnel, Playhouse, Playpen, Bounce House, Swimming Pool, Kiddie Pool Or Bathtub..
Child-Sized – Click N’ Play’s Value Pack Of 200 Ball Pit Balls Is An Assortment Of 6 Bright & Attractive Colors: Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Orange And Yellow. Each Ball Measures 2. 3 Inches In Diameter – The Perfect Size For A Toddler Or Child’s Hand..
Strong And Reusable Mesh Bag – Our Bag Comes With A Zipper And Is Great For Storing The Balls When They Are Not In Use. Looking For Even More Fun With A Bigger Pack? Use This Asin: B079gd4cl9 For Our 1000 Piece Ball Pit Ball Pack..
High Quality & Durable – Each Ball Pit Ball Will Withstand Over 90 Pounds Of Weight, So Your Child Can Play Without Fear Of Crushing The Balls..


Fun for Toddlers & Children – Our ball pit balls are made with your children in mind. Each ball pit ball is made with non-PVC plastic & is phthalate, BPA and lead free.High Quality & Durable – Each ball pit ball will withstand over 90 pounds of weight, so your child can play without fear of crushing the balls.Endless Ideas for Fun Children will love that they can play with these balls in so many different ways. Try them in a ball pit, play tent, crawl tunnel, playhouse, playpen, bounce house, swimming pool, kiddie pool or bathtub.Strong and Reusable Mesh Bag Our bag comes with a zipper and is great for storing the balls when they are not in use. Looking for even more fun with a bigger pack? Use this ASIN: B079GD4CL9 for our 1000 piece ball pit ball pack.Child-Sized – Click N’ Play’s value pack of 200 ball pit balls is an assortment of 6 bright & attractive colors: blue, red, pink, green, orange and yellow. Each ball measures 2. 3 inches in diameter – the perfect size for a toddler or child’s hand.

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Ball pit and balls – These are so fun for little kids and toddlers! They will love jumping into the ball pit and throwing the balls into the air. For a more cost effective solution, you can be like us and just fill up a cardboard box with some ball pit balls. I swear my toddler thought it was the best day ever when we did this!

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