COBI Set: Figures of Goose & Maverick with Tomcat Fighter Plane – What’s the Scale?

COBI, known for its meticulous design and accurate representation, has once again surprised enthusiasts with its “Top Gun” inspired set. Featuring figures of Goose and Maverick, two of the most memorable characters from the film, this set is more than just a nostalgic trip. It’s an ode to aviation and film history.

The primary highlight, of course, is the Tomcat fighter plane. Known for its agility and prowess, the Tomcat has been a symbol of air superiority. In this COBI set, not only is the design of the plane on point, but its scale is also something to talk about.

Building pieces in the set are crafted to ensure they align with the scale of the Tomcat, providing a realistic feel. Whether you’re a fan of aviation, the film, or both, this set offers a unique blend of both worlds.

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