Community Set of Magnetic Figures Pack Play – Expansion for Perfect Tiles STEM Learning Toys

Our Community Set of Magnetic Figures provides a novel way for kids to immerse themselves in imaginative play while simultaneously gaining fundamental STEM skills. The set, a magnificent addition to Perfect Tiles, includes diverse figures representing various community roles, inviting children to create, explore, and learn about the society around them.

Each figure has been crafted with care, ensuring their durability and safety for young users. The magnets within each piece allow them to interact seamlessly with the Perfect Tiles playsets, making them an optimal expansion choice.

More than just a plaything, these toys are designed with the concept of STEM learning at the core. They promote critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and more. This set offers a hands-on approach to learning that keeps children engaged and fosters their development, all while they’re simply having fun.

From the moment they pick up their first magnetic figure, kids are exposed to endless possibilities. Whether they’re playing independently or collaboratively, this Community Set of Magnetic Figures by Pack Play is an educational tool that brings excitement and value to playtime.

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