Constructive Playthings Wooden Rocking Boat for Children, Turn Over

Easy To Use: The Boat Is A Very Fun Piece And Kids Flock To It To Rock. The Children Will Instantly Understand What They Need To Do To Get Rocking And As A Step It Encourages Repeated Movement Up And Down The Steps.
A Legacy Of Quality Construction: For More Than 60 Years, We Have Been Committed To Providing Educational Products And Toys That Inspire Learning, Creativity, And Fun For Children. Each Product Is Thoughtfully Designed And Constructed To Meet Or Exceed Federal Requirements As Well As The High Standards Constructive Playthings Was Founded On..
Easy Assembly: Easy To Assemble With Lock Into Place Screws And Slotted Areas For Planks.
Ideal Size: The Assembled Unit Is 4′ X 2′, Perfect For Your Play Area.
Sturdy Construction: Solid Hardwood Construction With A Clear Lacquer Finish Has Smooth, Rounded Edges- No Sharp Edges To Hurt Little Bodies – And Is Designed For Lasting Use.
Two Ways To Use It: This Solid Hardwood Rocking Boat Can Be Used 2 Ways: As A Boat, It Seats 2-4 Children And Encourages Teamwork And Gross Motor Skills. Inverted, It Becomes Steps And A Platform To Help Develop Balance And Gross Motor Skills.


ROCKING BOAT: Wooden rocking boat encourages teamwork and helps develop motor skills while providing a fun activity for your childrenTWO WAYS TO USE IT: This solid hardwood rocking boat can be used 2 ways: as a boat, it seats 2-4 children and encourages teamwork and gross motor skills. Inverted, it becomes steps and a platform to help develop balance and gross motor skillsEASY TO USE: The boat is a very fun piece and kids flock to it to rock. The children will instantly understand what they need to do to get rocking and as a step it encourages repeated movement up and down the stepsSTURDY CONSTRUCTION: Solid hardwood construction with a clear lacquer finish has smooth, rounded edges- no sharp edges to hurt little bodies – and is designed for lasting useEASY ASSEMBLY: Easy to assemble with lock into place screws and slotted areas for planksIDEAL SIZE: The assembled unit is 4′ x 2′, perfect for your play areaA LEGACY OF QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: For more than 60 years, we have been committed to providing educational products and toys that inspire learning, creativity, and fun for children. Each product is thoughtfully designed and constructed to meet or exceed Federal requirements as well as the high standards Constructive Playthings was founded on.

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