Coogam Wooden Letters Practicing Board, Double-Sided Alphabet Tracin

Letter Board Tracing:The Gently Engraved Curved Grooves Provide A Form To Practice Hand-Eye Coordination Using Real-World Challenges. Helps With Controlling The Hand Movement And Muscle Memory For Writing Abcs And Alphabet Recognition And Formation Them..
Best Gift Idea: This Tracing Board Is Wonderful! This Would Be An Excellent Addition To Your Home Classroom Or A Thoughtful Gift For A Toddler/Preschool-Aged Child!.
Letter Early Learning: The Letter Tracing Boards Made Of Quality Piece Of Wood And Letter Carvings. Natural Solid Wood And Is Coated With Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Paint. It Is Completely Safe For Kids To Play Without The Risk Of Harm As All Edges Have Been Made Smooth With No Rough Surfaces..
Double-Sided Design: The Wooden Letters Tracing Board Is Double-Sided. It Has Upper Case Letters On One Side And Lower Case On The Other. Each Alphabet Has Directional Arrows To Help The Proper Order And Direction Of The Strokes. The Child Can See Where They Should Start Each Line And The Direction..


Alphabet Tracing Board: Compact size, good for travel( 8.3” x 0.4” x 6.3”) , perfectly sized for portable writing practice for kids. Help to promote fine motor control and hand-eye coordination as well as handwriting.Double-sided Design: The wooden letters tracing board is double-sided. It has upper case letters on one side and lower case on the other. Each alphabet has directional arrows to help the proper order and direction of the strokes. The child can see where they should start each line and the direction.Letter Board Tracing:The gently engraved curved grooves provide a form to practice hand-eye coordination using real-world challenges. Helps with controlling the hand movement and muscle memory for writing ABCs and alphabet recognition and formation them.Letter Early Learning: The letter tracing boards made of quality piece of wood and letter carvings. Natural solid wood and is coated with environmentally friendly water-based paint. It is completely safe for kids to play without the risk of harm as all edges have been made smooth with no rough surfaces.Best Gift Idea: This tracing board is wonderful! This would be an excellent addition to your home classroom or a thoughtful gift for a toddler/preschool-aged child!

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