Creative Mini Girls & Boys Dolls Accessories – Emma Art School House Set

Designed for aspiring artists, the Emma Art School House Set provides the perfect platform for creativity and fun. Inside the box, you’ll find various characters, including the Mini Girls and Boys Dolls, along with essential accessories that allow for endless artistic expression.

The set features innovative DOTS Decor to inspire unique designs and help children’s imagination run wild. With simple and interactive instructions, even those new to arts and crafts can dive right in.

Mini Girls & Boys Dolls: These characters form the core of the set, allowing for storytelling and imaginative play.
Emma Art School House: An intricately designed backdrop that provides the perfect setting for creativity.
DOTS Decor & Accessories: Customizable elements that enhance the overall experience and make each creation uniquely personal.

Perfect for gifting or for providing hours of entertainment, this set is more than just a toy; it’s an invitation to create, imagine, and explore.

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