Dammit Doll – The Fantastic Foursome- Set of Four Random Stress Reli

Handmade – Each Dammit Doll Stands About 12” Tall And Is Constructed Of A Polyester Poplin Exterior Fabric And Stuffed With Polyester Fiber. Each Dammit Doll Is Handmade And Comes With The Classic Poem Stitched On..
Classic – Each Doll Is Stitched With The Classic Dammit Doll Poem Patch. The Dolls Are Safe For Ages 3 And Up, But Made For Ages 18 And Older..
Laughter – Is There A Better Reward Than Making Someone Laugh? You’Ll Love The Laughs That Your Dammit Doll Will Bring To Your Friends And Family! Laughter . . . The Best Kind Of Stress Relief..
Gifting – Gift Giving Has Never Been So Easy! Each Dammit Doll Is Limited Edition, And Once They’Re Gone, They’Re Gone. You’Ll Be Giving Your Buddy A Unique And Thoughtful Present..


FANTASTIC FOURSOME – What s better than 1? 4! This is a set of 4 assorted Limited Edition Dammit Dolls. A perfect stocking stuffer for friends, coworkers, or teachers!GIFTING Gift giving has never been so easy! Each Dammit Doll is Limited Edition, and once they re gone, they re gone. You ll be giving your buddy a unique and thoughtful present.HANDMADE Each Dammit Doll stands about 12 tall and is constructed of a Polyester Poplin exterior fabric and stuffed with polyester fiber. Each Dammit Doll is handmade and comes with the classic poem stitched on.LAUGHTER Is there a better reward than making someone laugh? You ll love the laughs that your Dammit Doll will bring to your friends and family! Laughter . . . the BEST kind of stress relief.CLASSIC Each doll is stitched with the classic Dammit Doll poem patch. The dolls are safe for ages 3 and up, but made for ages 18 and older.

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