Disney Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure – 12 Inches

Press Chest Button For Wing Release And Wing Lights; Wing Tips, Wing Housing, And Wrist Light Up Activate Flashing Laser Lights.
Push Helmet Button To Retract Face Shield; Press Button On Jet Pack To Activate Buzz’s Arm Karate Chop.
Press Right Bicep Button For Gauntlet Laser Light And Sound Effects.
Press Chest Bars To Hear Over 30 Different Phrases And Sounds; Fully Articulated With Poseable Joints.


Genuine, Original, Authentic Disney StorePress chest bars to hear over 30 different phrases and sounds; Fully articulated with poseable jointsPress chest button for wing release and wing lights; Wing tips, wing housing, and wrist light up activate flashing laser lightsPress right bicep button for gauntlet laser light and sound effectsPush helmet button to retract face shield; Press button on jet pack to activate Buzz’s arm karate chop

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