DJI Intelligent Flight Battery for Mavic 2, Model Number: CP.MA.0000

Rated Capacity: 3850 Mash, 59.29 Wh, 15.4 V.
Made By Dji.
Brand New In Original Box.
Multiple Intelligent Battery Protection Features.


Authentic High-Capacity LiPo Cells 31 minutes of flight timeMultiple intelligent battery protection featuresRated capacity: 3850 mash, 59.29 wh, 15.4 VBrand new in original boxMade by DJI

2021 Ram 2500 | Power Wagon® 75th Anniversary Edition & More

Ram is the first truck-only brand ever to win #1 in overall initial quality according to J.D. Power. Presenting the 2021 Ram 2500 Power Wagon® 75th Anniversary Edition. Designed for off-road performance and featuring a heritage color scheme interior, …

Tests now required for recreational drone pilots — General …

· The FAA has selected 16 organizations to administer the new Recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety Test (TRUST).. Hobbyists with drones that weigh more than .55 pounds are required to take the free, online test. The test was developed to provide recreational drone flyers with aeronautical safety knowledge and an overview of the rules for …

Disabled People And Carers Access … – Disability Horizons

· The coronavirus vaccine programme has been in action across the UK since December 2020 and more than 10 million people have received their first dose so far. With the first four priority groups being given the vaccine, we ask disabled people, those with health conditions and carer’s thoughts and experiences of accessing the Covid-19 vaccine.

Efficient Utilization of Outrigger and Belt Truss System …

· A growing number of people who have received their first dose of vaccine are not going back for their second shot, reducing the efficacy of the vaccine and compromising their immunity to COVID-19.

It may be time to relax indoor face mask mandates … – CNN

· SQ stock, however, has a price-earnings ratio of 358.78 for the past trailing 12-months. Compared to the general stock market, SQ has an unjustifiable premium. Its forward price-earnings is also …


· Late last Wednesday GME stock exploded higher by just more than 100%. In Thursday’s session, bullish GameStop investors remained in the drivers seat as shares jumped another 100% out-the-gate …

Square Stock Has Likable Growth But a … – InvestorPlace

· Electronic Arts has announced that the long-awaited Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will release on May 14th. Alongside the release date confirmation, EA has released the first full trailer for Legendary Edition.. First revealed in November, the Legendary Edition is a remastered collection of BioWare Edmonton’s beloved Mass Effect trilogy plus all of the games’ …

How to Go About the Whacky GME Stock Trend … – InvestorPlace

PowerPoint Presentation

Canadian-made Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to release on …

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