Duncan Toys Limelight LED Light-Up Yo-Yo, Beginner Level Yo-Yo with

Transaxle Design: The Plastic Transaxle Is Ideal For Looping Tricks, Giving The Limelight The Feeling Of A Classic Yo-Yo In A Modern Plastic Design..
Product Details: Starburst Response | Plastic Body Material | Weight: 54.5G | Colors May Vary | Includes 1 Yo-Yo..
Durable Construction: The Duncan Limelight Yo-Yo Has A Rim-Weighted Body Made Of Durable Polycarbonate Plastic Designed To Withstand Plenty Of Use..
Great For Beginners: The Limelight Yo-Yo Is One Of Duncan’s Beginner Yo-Yo Models, Specially Designed For Learning The Basics..


LIGHT-UP TECHNOLOGY: Creating a light show on a string is easy with the Limelight. The yo-yo features a clear body and special LED light technology that blinks and changes colors and patterns while it spins.GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: The Limelight Yo-Yo is one of Duncan’s beginner yo-yo models, specially designed for learning the basics.TRANSAXLE DESIGN: The plastic transaxle is ideal for looping tricks, giving the Limelight the feeling of a classic yo-yo in a modern plastic design.DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Duncan Limelight Yo-Yo has a rim-weighted body made of durable polycarbonate plastic designed to withstand plenty of use.PRODUCT DETAILS: Starburst Response | Plastic Body Material | Weight: 54.5g | Colors May Vary | Includes 1 yo-yo.


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