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Ants Shipped To You: Includes A Certificate To Obtain Ants By Mail (Consumer Pays Shipping & Handling). You Should Receive Your Ants Within Two To Three Weeks From The Time You Mail Your Ant Certificate. If The Weather Is Extremely Cold, There May Be A Delay In Order To Protect The Ants..
At Home Learning Activity: Makes A Great Activity For Kids To Stay Engaged, Entertained, And Learning Outside Of The Classroom. We Are Dedicated In Providing Resources That Keep Your Kids Learning And Having Fun While At Home.
Stem Learning & Teaches Responsibility: Introduces Learners To Basic Ecology And Provides Great Lessons Of Care. Recommended Age Range From 8+ Years..
Includes: One 9″ X 15″ Escape-Free Habitat, Water Dropper, Canal Starting Tool, And 24-Page Guide Book. Requires 2 Cups Of Sand (Not Included)..


OBSERVE LIVE ANTS AT WORK: Perfect for budding young entomologists to set up and maintain their own ant farm habitatsINCLUDES: One 9 X 15 escape-free habitat, water dropper, canal starting tool, and 24-page guide book. Requires 2 cups of sand (not included).ANTS SHIPPED TO YOU: Includes a certificate to obtain ants by mail (consumer pays shipping & handling). You should receive your ants within two to three weeks from the time you mail your Ant Certificate. If the weather is extremely cold, there may be a delay in order to protect the ants.STEM LEARNING & TEACHES RESPONSIBILITY: Introduces learners to basic ecology and provides great lessons of care. Recommended age range from 8+ years.AT HOME LEARNING ACTIVITY: Makes a great activity for kids to stay engaged, entertained, and learning outside of the classroom. We are dedicated in providing resources that keep your kids learning and having fun while at home

HaiKota Sub-Zone & its Abaundant Resources – Eritrea …

· Expanding at 1660 sq. kilometers, HaiKota is the sub-zone located in the Gash-Barka region which possesses rich natural habitat in the western lowlands. Here is a translated short interview Hadas Eritrea conducted with the Administrator of the sub-zone, Mr. Shekedin Salh regarding the socio-economic development of the sub-zone over the years.

Watching spiny flower mantids grow – letting nature back in

· Watching spiny flower mantids grow. From March to July this year we were able to observe several spiny flower mantid nymphs in the basil bush in our herb garden. The basil bush was their home and hunting ground for four months as they developed towards adulthood. I previously posted about them in April, see here, and this is an update from then …

National Insect Week: Picture Books about Insects · Story Snug

· Catherine Friess / June 25, 2021. June 21st to 27th is National Insect Week which encourages people of all ages to learn more about insects. We’ve learnt lots of fascinating facts about different kinds of insects through reading non fiction picture books but also by doing our own research after reading stories with insect main characters.

Gatwick Airport’s Annual Biodiversity Review 2020

· Gatwick Airport’s Annual Biodiversity Review is here again, and despite the challenges from Covid-19 in 2020 we’ve been able to pull together loads of fascinating information and records of our local wildlife. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the project in 2020. Gatwick Airport Annual Biodiversity Review 2020. at 03:03:00.

March 2021 – Neaseno

· The insects tend to the plants, pollinating and protecting, while the plants provide food to the insects. The people were very observant. They saw the great colonies that the bees and ants made from the food provided to them by the plants, and they knew that there must be peace between themselves and the plants.


· GODRISER Book Two of the Daemon Series By Donnie Rust Cover Illustration: Image by Stefan Keller ISBN: 9798547296727 First published in the United Kingdom 2021 by DogEared Publishing. Paperba…

· Bees, hover flies, ants, and all manner of other insects were also drawn to the moisture, clearly indicating how hard this drought is on the wildlife. Meanwhile, an American Red Squirrel was making soft sighing and groaning sounds as it tucked itself into a leafy cocoon and lay stretched full length on a tree branch.

Come Walk With Us on the Trans Canada Trail: Shifting …

· The Eldest-Upon-Eldest-Ones factory ship at the heart of Thebe, is discovered by Elder Thing scavengers who had come to harvest god brain-matter from the depths of Titan. Elder Things colonize Europa’s oceans, introduce worker-shoggoths (descendants of herald-spawn enslaved shoggoths that we’re taken from earth so long ago).

The Cosmic Orrery: March 2021

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