Epessa Floor Mirror Toy for Baby Tummy Time, Montessori Sensory Toys

High Contrast Black And White Patterns: Experiments Have Proved That Newborns Prefer To Look At High-Contrast Complex Patterns, Which Helps To Exercise The Baby’S Vision And Stimulate The Baby’S Curiosity. Let Baby Observe Epessa Montessori Mirror Toy During Tummy Time And It Will Improve Infant’S Cognitive Ability And Promote The Intellectual Development..
Great Gift For Baby Shower: What Fun Baby’s Self-Discoveries Is! Every Baby Deserves This Floor Mirror Toy. They Love The Special Soft Sounds Made By Crinkle Papers, Love Their Reflection In The Mirror And Also Love The Novelty Patterns! Babies Is Always Curious About Everything!.
Not Only For Tummy Time(For Carseat/Stroller/Crib): Epessa Floor Mirror Is Not Only Perfect For Tummy Time, But Also For Other Daily Places. You Can Hang This Behind The Car Seat To Comfort Your Baby While Traveling. Behinds, It’S Good To Be Used In The Crib And Stroller. This Floor Mirror Will Catch Baby’S Eye And Attract Baby’S Attention..
Soft Edge, Well Sewn & Safe: Safe And No-Toxic Fabric With Soft Stitched Edge Design Will Avoid Scratches, And All Components Are Well Sewn To Prevent Them From Falling Off. To Protect The Baby, Our Mirror Material Is Made Of High Quality Plastic, Unlike The Plane Reflection Of Glass, It Is More Like Distorting Mirror, Which Will Attract The Attention Of The Baby..


Babies Love 2-Sided Large Mirror Toy! Epessa designed larger mirror than others and also it s more stable because of big angle. Meanwhile, we have printed high contrast black and white images on the other side of mirror. Your baby can enjoy a variety of fun with this mirror toy, like looking mirror, learn animals and shapes.Soft Edge, Well Sewn & Safe: Safe and no-toxic fabric with soft stitched edge design will avoid scratches, and all components are well sewn to prevent them from falling off. To protect the baby, our mirror material is made of high quality plastic, unlike the plane reflection of glass, it is more like distorting mirror, which will attract the attention of the baby.High Contrast Black And White Patterns: Experiments have proved that newborns prefer to look at high-contrast complex patterns, which helps to exercise the baby s vision and stimulate the baby s curiosity. Let baby observe Epessa Montessori mirror toy during tummy time and it will improve infant s cognitive ability and promote the intellectual development.Not Only For Tummy Time(for Carseat/Stroller/Crib): Epessa floor mirror is not only perfect for tummy time, but also for other daily places. You can hang this behind the car seat to comfort your baby while traveling. Behinds, it s good to be used in the crib and stroller. This floor mirror will catch baby s eye and attract baby s attention.Great Gift for Baby Shower: What fun baby’s self-discoveries is! Every baby deserves this floor mirror toy. They love the special soft sounds made by crinkle papers, love their reflection in the mirror and also love the novelty patterns! Babies is always curious about everything!

Sensory Play for the Early Days – Frecklefaced Adventures

· Starting in infancy, children enjoy exploring different textiles. Gently drift a colored scarf across their face during tummy time. Make forts out of different style blankets. Let them dance with ribbons to music. Textiles are a great early sensory tool.

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· The 4 most important things to remember on your Montessori toy rotation journey are: • Have no more than about 10 toys out on the shelf at a time. • Write down a plan for the year, month, and week. • Rotate the toys every one to three weeks, or as needed. • Observe your child and write it down.

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· Toy Challenge #1: Hold baby on your lap. Try to get them to reach for a toy. Texture Time: Let baby touch fabric with different textures such as wool and velvet. Elevator Fun: Pretend baby is riding in an elevator. Yakety Yak: Encourage two-way communication. Can I feed my 16 week old baby food?

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· Make sure you reassure your child and give positive attention for working through the emotions. Often after intense anger has passed, children want to be reassured and spend time together. Even though you may still be frustrated by the situation, try to spend quality time together to help them feel secure and recharge them.

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· This playpen is easy to assemble and takes less than a minute to do so. It is easy to clean and helps keep the baby’s toys organized. Something a little more versatile, modern, and highly rated. The PortaPlay is an activity center, bouncy thing and a play table all in one .

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· Benedykt and Sylvester. Benedykt and Sylvester is a small British business run by Brittany, a Montessori Mum to Benedykt, 4, Sylvester, 2 and baby Otylia. After being inspired by the teachings of Maria Montessori, Brittany created a range of learning resources to help support her children at home and after witnessing their success, decided to …

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· Disclosure ~ This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. A good way to work on the gross and fine motor milestones listed above is during tummy time!!Click on the link to read about the importance of tummy time and what my three favorite toys for tummy time are!

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· In normal times, there are family activities in which all family members may participate: community picnics, hayride, bowling, ice skating, family music night, mini-golf outing, service projects, and more. The Montessori School is located at 501 W. Maple Avenue in Morrisville. For more information, please call 215-295-1170 or email mmaammjj@aol …

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