EUDAX 2mm Hole Plastic Belt Pulley Gears Combination Modulus Package

Materials : Plastic;For Shaft Dia : 2Mm/0.08″.
Please Feel Free To Contact Us If You Have New Ideas For Eudax Product, We Will Provide Best After-Sales Service.
Contains Most Of The Mainstream Pulley, 51 Pulley, 56 Rubber Band, A Total Of 107.
There Are 9 Kinds Of Pulleys, 7 Kinds Of Belts.The Diameter Of Pulleys:6Mm/9.3Mm/13Mm/15.5Mm/16.8Mm/18Mm/19.6Mm/24Mm/36Mm.The Diameter Of Belts:Cdd*50/Cdd2*70/20Mm/25Mm/35Mm/40Mm/45Mm.


Product Name : Belt Pulley;Used for : DIY Toy Model;There are 9 kinds of pulleys, 7 kinds of belts.The diameter of Pulleys:6mm/9.3mm/13mm/15.5mm/16.8mm/18mm/19.6mm/24mm/36mm.The diameter of Belts:CDD*50/CDD2*70/20mm/25mm/35mm/40mm/45mmMaterials : Plastic;for Shaft Dia : 2mm/0.08Contains most of the mainstream pulley, 51 pulley, 56 rubber band, a total of 107Please feel free to contact us if you have new ideas for EUDAX Product, we will provide Best After-sales service

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