Ewok Star Wars ST Toy Set with Wicket, Scout, Girls Trooper Minifigures: An Expansion

Join the Ewok adventure in the Star Wars galaxy with our impressive ST Toy Set. This buildable playset is loaded with features to inspire endless imaginative play. It’s a great way to bring the Star Wars story to life.

The set includes Wicket, Scout, and Girls Trooper minifigures, each painstakingly designed to capture the essence of these beloved characters from the Star Wars saga. Recreate classic scenes or construct your own thrilling narratives with these iconic characters.

The toy set provides an immersive and rewarding building experience. It’s designed with intricate details that make it a pleasure to construct, and the end result is a stunning set that brings a touch of the Star Wars universe into your home. Whether for play or display, this Ewok Star Wars ST Toy Set is bound to be a hit with Star Wars fans of all stripes.

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