EXPO Dry Erase Marker Set, Chisel Tip, 6 Piece & Low Odor Dry Erase

Product 1: Spray And Expo Eraser Help You Erase Cleanly And Easily.
Product 2: Erases Cleanly And Easily With A Dry Cloth Or Expo Eraser.
Product 2: Ink Is Specially Formulated To Be Low Odor. Perfect For Use In Classrooms, Small Offices, And Homes.
Product 2: Bright, Vivid, Non Toxic Ink Is Quick Drying, Smear Proof, Easy To See From A Distance, And Provides Consistent Color Quality.
Product 2: Fine Point Tip Is Ideal For Use On Smaller Boards.
Product 1: Versatile Chisel Tip Allows For Broad Or Fine Writing.
Product 1: Consistent, Skip-Free Writing, Vibrant Color Options And Low-Odor Ink Make The Kit Perfect For Classrooms And Offices.


Product 1: Kit comes with everything you need to get started markingProduct 1: Consistent, skip-free writing, vibrant color options and low-odor ink make the kit perfect for classrooms and officesProduct 1: Spray and EXPO eraser help you erase cleanly and easilyProduct 1: Versatile chisel tip allows for broad or fine writingProduct 2: Bright, vivid, non toxic ink is quick drying, smear proof, easy to see from a distance, and provides consistent color qualityProduct 2: Fine point tip is ideal for use on smaller boardsProduct 2: Erases cleanly and easily with a dry cloth or Expo eraserProduct 2: Ink is specially formulated to be low odor. Perfect for use in classrooms, small offices, and homes

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· 5. Use diluted tea tree oil. Antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial effects of tea tree oil, As a result, many people swear by its capacity to heal piercing bumps. If you wish to apply tea tree oil on your bump, dilute it with water or saline first. Before using, you should additionally perform a patch test.


· Worry less, here are safety tips on how you can use massage candles to explore different sensations. Wax play is one of the intense and pleasurable bondage plays in the BDSM community. A massage candle during a bondage play allows you to explore different sensations to satisfy your sexual fantasies.

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· Whenever we open the flask, there will be a bad smell. So after taking the flask, wipe it thoroughly. Add 1tbspn white sugar into the flask. Close it and store it. Next time when you open it to use you won’t have any bad smell.

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