Friends Marvel Series: Spidey’s Mobile HQ Toy Set Featuring Miles Morales & Black Panther Minifigures

Transform your playtime with the Friends Marvel Series’ Spidey’s Mobile Headquarters. This innovative toy set is designed for fun-filled sessions that enhance the imagination and cognitive skills of children. The set stands out with its inclusion of fan favourites – Miles Morales and Black Panther in the form of highly detailed minifigures.

Unleash the might of these superheroes and relive the captivating Marvel Universe in your living room. The mobile headquarters is intricately crafted to simulate Spidey’s stealthy operations base. With its portable nature, the headquarters can follow you on any of your adventures, be it in your backyard or the far reaches of your imagination.

Each minifigure is meticulously designed to replicate the characteristics of the respective superheroes, adding a touch of realism to your play. From Miles Morales’ iconic suit to Black Panther’s regal attire, every detail is taken care of, elevating your Marvel experience.

Whether you’re staging a daring rescue or embarking on an undercover mission, this Spidey’s Mobile Headquarters set promises to deliver an immersive playtime that you won’t forget.

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