Frozen Mini Collectable: Elsa Castle Courtyard, Dress Figure, Diamond Set Doll and Buildable Princess Toy

Dive into the magical world of Frozen with our unique mini collectable set. You’ll get an enchanting glimpse of Elsa’s Castle Courtyard, beautifully recreated in miniature with a stunning diamond set design. The star of this collection is the Dress Figure of Elsa herself, stylishly clad in her iconic ice-blue gown. The set is completed by the Buildable Princess Toy, which offers hours of imaginative play.

This Frozen Mini Collectable set is perfect for any Frozen fan or collector. With its detailed craftsmanship and quality materials, it offers a new perspective on the beloved film’s world. From the glittering diamond set to the intricately detailed Elsa figure, each piece has been carefully crafted to ensure a faithful recreation of the Frozen universe. It’s not just a toy set – it’s a collectable piece of Frozen memorabilia that brings the magic of Arendelle into your home.

The Elsa Castle Courtyard is a sight to behold, featuring the castle’s majestic architecture and beautiful grounds. With the Dress Figure, fans can recreate Elsa’s transformation scene in Frozen, where she embraces her powers and changes into her iconic gown. The Diamond Set Doll gives an extra layer of elegance to the set, whilst the Buildable Princess Toy brings a creative element, allowing fans to construct their own Arendelle.

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