Furniture & Accessories in Barbie Dreamhouse: What’s in the MEGA Playset?

The iconic Barbie Dreamhouse has undergone a transformation that brings with it a plethora of accessories and new features. Among these are:
Micro Dolls: Petite versions of our beloved Barbie, adding more characters and dimensions to the play.
Furniture Pieces: Detailed additions to make the Dreamhouse more lifelike and interactive.
Color Reveal Building Toy: A twist in traditional play, this element brings an element of surprise, where the colours of certain parts are revealed only upon interaction.
Surprises: Every play session can be different with unexpected finds and additions.
MEGA Playset: Beyond just a house, this set offers a comprehensive experience, encompassing a broader play arena for children.

The beauty of the Dreamhouse lies not just in its structure, but in the myriad ways it allows one to reimagine stories, scenes, and settings. Whether it’s a grand party in the ballroom with the Micro Dolls or redecorating the space with new furniture, the options are endless.

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