Gabby’s Dollhouse, Magical Musical Cat Ears with Lights, Music, Soun

3 Modes Of Play: With 3 Modes Of Play, You’Ll Have So Much Fun Wearing Your Own Gabby Cat Ears! Pinch The Left Ear For Gabby Phrases, Pinch The Right For Music And Sounds, And Pinch Them Both For Meows!.
Covered By The Spin Master Care Commitment. See Below For Full Details.
Toys For Girls And Boys Ages 3 And Up: Gabby’S Dollhouse Dolls, Doll House Furniture, Stuffed Animals And Kids Toys Are Great Birthday And Christmas Gifts For Kids Ages 3 And Up..
Includes: 1 Magical Musical Ears, 1 Instruction Sheet.
Perfect For Pretend Play: Gabby’S Dollhouse Magical Musical Ears Are A Great Kids Gift For Ages 3 And Up. 4 Lr44 Batteries Included. Create Your Adventures With The Magical Musical Ears!.
Lights And Over 10 Sounds: This Interactive Kids Toy Has Over 10 Sounds, Phrases And Songs From The Show To Discover! The Magical Musical Ears Light Up For A Fun And Memorable Role-Play Experience..


GABBY S CAT EARS: The Magical Musical Ears bring Gabby s signature cat ears from the show to life! With sparkly details, slide them on and feel just like Gabby as you create your own exciting adventures!LIGHTS AND OVER 10 SOUNDS: This interactive kids toy has over 10 sounds, phrases and songs from the show to discover! The Magical Musical Ears light up for a fun and memorable role-play experience.3 MODES OF PLAY: With 3 modes of play, you ll have so much fun wearing your own Gabby cat ears! Pinch the left ear for Gabby phrases, pinch the right for music and sounds, and pinch them both for meows!PERFECT FOR PRETEND PLAY: Gabby s Dollhouse Magical Musical Ears are a great kids gift for ages 3 and up. 4 LR44 batteries included. Create your adventures with the Magical Musical Ears!TOYS FOR GIRLS AND BOYS AGES 3 AND UP: Gabby s dollhouse dolls, doll house furniture, stuffed animals and kids toys are great birthday and christmas gifts for kids ages 3 and up.Includes: 1 Magical Musical Ears, 1 Instruction SheetCovered by the Spin Master Care Commitment. See below for full details

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