Gamie Small Magnetic Board Travel Game Set – Includes 12 Retro Fun G

Sharpens Kids Minds: This Collection Of Classic, Top Rated Board Games Helps To Teach Strategy, Concentration, Spatial Reasoning, And Math Skills To 6 Year Olds And Up In The Most Enjoyable Way Possible. Each Game Comes With Printed, Easy-To-Understand Instructions..
Makes The Perfect Gift: This Is The Ultimate Board Game Gift Basket For Preschoolers, Boys, Girls And Teens. The Large Collection Of Games Ensures That No Kid In The Household Will Be Left Out And Gives Adults The Room To Join In On The Fun. Click ‘Add To Cart’ Now!.
Durable & Easy To Store: The Popular Family Board Games Are Made Using High Quality Materials For Long-Term Service. Each Of Them Is Individually Boxed, With The Entire Board Game Kit Packed In A Sturdy Box For Convenient Storage..
Great For Travel: These Mini Board Games For Kids Measure Just 5”, Making Them The Best Pocket Games For Children, With The Magnet Holding All The Pieces In Place During Any Road Trip Or While Camping..


12 EXCITING SMALL BOARD GAMES: The Small Gamie Magnetic game set comes with a dozen fun board games that will keep the kids busily entertained for hours. They include Checkers, Chess, Chinese checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Backgammon, Snakes & Ladders, Solitaire, NineMen s Morris, Auto Racing, Ludo, Space Venure and Racing.GREAT FOR TRAVEL: These mini board games for kids measure just 5 , making them the best pocket games for children, with the magnet holding all the pieces in place during any road trip or while camping.SHARPENS KIDS MINDS: This collection of classic, top rated board games helps to teach strategy, concentration, spatial reasoning, and math skills to 6 year olds and up in the most enjoyable way possible. Each game comes with printed, easy-to-understand instructions.DURABLE & EASY TO STORE: The popular family board games are made using high quality materials for long-term service. Each of them is individually boxed, with the entire board game kit packed in a sturdy box for convenient storage.MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT: This is the ultimate board game gift basket for preschoolers, boys, girls and teens. The large collection of games ensures that no kid in the household will be left out and gives adults the room to join in on the fun. Click Add to Cart now!

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