Gejoy 10 Pack Transparent Spinners Dry Erase Math Game Spinner with

Size: Square Shape, Each Is 4 X 4 Inches, Enough Space To Divide In Fourths, Fifths, Eighths And Tenths By Using Dry-Erase Markers, Divide Accurately With Some Measurement Tools, The Surface Is Smooth And Clear After Ripping Off The Film.
Ways To Use: The Clear And Smooth Spinner Is Easy To Write With Wet-Erase, Convenient To Reuse For Many Times By Wiping Off, Also You Can Put It On Top Of The Paper, The Transparent Spinner Won’t Interfere With The Functionality Of Reading The Words From The Paper.
Functions: Can Be Applied To Various Math And Games In Classroom, Also Can Be Adapted As Choices Maker In Case Of Quarrel And Consideration, Also Can Act As A Game Tool For Drinks, Family Gathering, Camping, Picnic, Bar Party, Nightclub And More.
Material: Made Of Clear Flexible And Quality Plastic, The Transparent Material Won’t Cover The Words Or Handwriting, The Arrow Can Be Rotating At 360 Degree Without Breaking Easily.


Package includes: 10 pieces clear plastic spinners with black rotating arrows, spinner’s surface has a protective film, which helps protect and keep the clear surface away from scratches during shipping and collisionMaterial: made of clear flexible and quality plastic, the transparent material won’t cover the words or handwriting, the arrow can be rotating at 360 degree without breaking easilySize: square shape, each is 4 x 4 inches, enough space to divide in fourths, fifths, eighths and tenths by using dry-erase markers, divide accurately with some measurement tools, the surface is smooth and clear after ripping off the filmFunctions: can be applied to various math and games in classroom, also can be adapted as choices maker in case of quarrel and consideration, also can act as a game tool for drinks, family gathering, camping, picnic, bar party, nightclub and moreWays to use: the clear and smooth spinner is easy to write with wet-erase, convenient to reuse for many times by wiping off, also you can put it on top of the paper, the transparent spinner won’t interfere with the functionality of reading the words from the paper

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Just laminate the cards and students can use dry erase markers to write the answers on the cards or fill in recording sheets. There are 3 monster game math resources in this Scoot bundle. One for missing numbers 0-10; One for missing numbers 10-20; One monster math game for numbers 20-30.

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One of the most versatile classroom resources is dry-erase dice! These can be used for so many word work games, but also for other learning games you may play with your students. A few options for using dry-erase dice to practice CVC words are: Write consonants on 2 dice and vowels on 1 dice. Have students roll and sound out the word.

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· 6. LEGO Sight Word Game. Use dry erase markers to write sight words on the side of legos, and place them in a pile. Call out a word, have your child find the lego with that word, and add to the tower. There are endless sight word lego activities for kids.

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· Math Activities for Early Finishers. 10. Math Centers. These centers are for Math or ELA! This 1:1 Centers Bundle allows each student to have their set of counters and mats, and they are good to go! No cutting sets of games/centers for each student! Activities using: Dice, Pattern Blocks, Bingo Chips/Daubers, Counters, Counting Cubes, & Bears!

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Math Fluency Practice is not a Worksheet! Short description: Students do not achieve fluency in mathematics by completing endless pages of basic facts problems. Learn what mathematical fluency really means and how worked examples, math routines, and math games will help your students develop it.

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· Keep Track of Supplies in the Classroom. 7/17/2021. One thing that I dread is when I go to write on the board and my marker has been squished! To avoid this, I wrap a piece of duck tape on all of my dry erase markers. My students quickly learn that those are mine only! I have also found that the bullet tip markers last the longest in …

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· Math games for fact families can be played with fact family triangles. Fact family triangles are just a triangle shape with each of the fact family numbers placed in each of the 3 corners of the triangle. You play by quizzing yourself or another student by holding a hand over the largest number to see if the student can correctly identify the …

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· The children can read and write three 3 letter words. Explore fun online activities for kindergarteners covering math ELA science more. Pin On My Classroom Creations. Write the letters in the squares using a vis–vis or dry erase marker.

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· MATHEMATICS – 4th Quarter Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) May 06, 2021 – Self-Learning Modules. The Department of Education uses the Self-Learning Modules for the continuity of education to the majority of learners in the country. Distance learning is being implemented for the whole school year considering the health risks brought by the current …

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· Options. Funny bide up. Bunny ride up. Sunny side up. Runny side up. Correct Answer : Sunny side up. Q 3. Movie starring Bruce Willis!

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