Girls’ Mini Doll Toy Set: Buildable Rapunzel, Twirling Diamond Dress, Pascal Chameleon

Transform playtime into an adventure with the Girls’ Mini Doll Toy Set. At its heart, this collection is designed to inspire creativity and imaginative play, featuring a buildable Rapunzel doll decked in a twirling diamond dress. But the magic doesn’t stop there.

Also included is Rapunzel’s trusty sidekick, Pascal the Chameleon, in figure form. Whether your child wants to recreate their favourite scenes from Disney’s Tangled or craft their own tales of magic and friendship, this mini doll set paves the way for hours of fun.

Every aspect of the toy set is designed with children in mind. The buildable nature of the Rapunzel doll encourages problem-solving and fine motor skills, while the detailed twirling diamond dress adds a layer of enchantment to the mix. Pascal the Chameleon, rendered as a small but detailed figure, brings a dash of whimsy and colour to the playset.

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